Why Another Lifestyle Blog?

Welcome to Avenue 126, a lifestyle blog by Megan and Melissa, two twenty-something girls who fancy the little joys of life. Here is where we will share our favorite trends, tastes, crafts, adventures, and all other things we love.

Megan Melissa



Why Avenue 126?

 We are lovers of Jesus who have reaped the benefits of the friendship He has given us. Together we get to experience the goodness of the Lord in life’s little moments – whether through trendy clothes, yummy food, Pinterest projects, a good book, a girl’s trip, new music, or a day at the pool.  The 126 comes from Psalm 126 in the Bible, a piece of scripture that we feel best reflects the grace He has given us and the joy we find in Him.

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy…the Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.”

Megan Lewin & Melissa Chaney

So why another lifestyle blog?

Seems like everyone — literally everyone — is starting a blog right now, right? So, why are we doing it, too? To be totally honest, this blog is a great excuse for us to hang out and do things that we love together. The more and more we’ve worked on this blog though, the more we’ve discovered a desire to empower women to embrace the creativity, confidence, and abilities the Lord has placed inside of them. We are excited to share with you the avenues the Lord has highlighted to us that fill our days with joy, laughter and ultimate fulfillment in Him.  We sincerely hope that something you see on this blog sparks a desire in your heart to discover the new avenues of joy the Lord has waiting for you.

A little more about us…

Megan Lewin

Megan Lewin

Favorite thing about Jesus: The way He cares about not only the big things but all the little details of my life
Favorite TV show to binge watch: The Office & New Girl
Go to Road Trip Snack: Peanut butter filled pretzels, YUMZ
Song that can always make you dance: Dynamite
Book you could read over & over: Redeeming Love
Beauty product you can’t live without: They’re Real Mascara
Favorite scent: Warm Vanilla
What makes you nervous: Home births



Melissa Chaney

Melissa Chaney

Favorite thing about Jesus: His ability to intentionally and intricately pursue my heart on a daily basis
Favorite TV show to binge watch: New Girl
Go to Road Trip Snack: Pretzels or Pretzel M&Ms
Song that can always make you dance: I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Exotic pet you wish you owned: 
A Baby Penguin, no doubt
Beauty product you can’t live without: 
I consider my straightener part of the family, so that doesn’t count therefore making it my Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer Cream
Favorite scent: 
My parent’s house
What makes you nervous: 
Driving between semi-trucks. “Ye, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”