What’s up Wednesday

Hello all!! Today we are linking up with Mix and Match Mama to do a What’s Up Wednesday post. We’re joining in with some of our favorite fellow bloggers to answer what is up with our lives currently. whatsupwed1

WUWquestions editSo here we go!

What we’re eating this week-

Mel: This week’s menu has a little of everything on it. Thursay night will be taco salad — a definite go-to for me. I just do fresh romaine, ground turkey with taco seasoning, black beans, tortilla strips, sprinkle some mild cheddar and drizzle in just a tiny bit of ranch dressing and boom. The yummiest salad. Since I’m living that #singlelife I will typically use the remainder of the ground turkey for regular tacos the next night. Plans for the weekend — a big ol’ pot of my homemade chili with a side of sweatpants for the Bengals/Chiefs game!

Meg: Joe and I are doing a loose version of the “Bulletproof Diet” – we started about 3 weeks ago, basically low carb, low sugar, lots of veggies, and grass fed organic meats. This is similar to The Cave Man Diet or Paleo. Anway, I digress, about 2-3 nights a week we are making oven baked salmon with roasted broccoli and carrots! It is so simple: Preheat oven to 350 degrees and throw everything on a foil covered cookie sheet with butter, fresh lemon juice, fresh dill, salt, and pepper and cook until fish is translucent and veggies are to your desired tenderness! BAM! DINNER!

What we’re reminiscing about-

Mel: You know what’s crazy!? I have totally been reminiscing about nursing school and study dates with Meg. It’s so weird — I know — but with the cooler temperatures coming and the day turning dark earlier it takes me back to our study nights where we would grab coffee at Starbucks for a study break or we’d listen to a lecture on the way to youth group when we were youth leaders. It’s not a season that I necessarily want to re-live but it holds some of the sweetest memories of our friendship!

Meg: For me I’m continually thinking of our summer in Kenya and our trip to Zanzibar. Life is MOST beautiful, MOST full, and MOST simple for Joe and I in Kenya.

Stone Town-44

What we’re loving-

Mel: I am loving all things pumpkin right now, but that seems obvious. I’m also looooving being an aunt to the sweetest 2 month old baby girl, but, again, that seems obvious too! Separate from those two things, though, I am totally loving my new Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I bought the weekly, but for all you busy mamas out there, you might love the daily. There’s just something so satisfying about staying organized.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.45.57 PM

Meg: I’m currently obsessed with all things Rifle Paper Co, I mean who isn’t?! I have recently bought this calendar and a recipe box from Rifle. My actual recipe box is sold out, this is similar.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.29.13 PM

What we’ve been up to-

Mel & Meg: We most recently just went to The Influence Conference! Check out our recap from our weekend of refreshment in Indy!

8gm1sqGuYV2xfG1O.jpginfluence conference - Avenue 126

What we’re dreading

Mel: Is it too early to say I am absolutely dreading driving to work in the snow this winter?! Because I can’t think of anything I’m really dreading besides that. I LOVE the warmth that winter brings — cuddled up with a warm cup of coffee and a sweet candle burning at home. And I totally adore watching snow fall outside my window…but when I am watching said snow fall and I am preparing to drive in it — I just dread that.

Meg: I recently went back to school to get my bachelors in nursing, I only have an associates degree right now. And I am just dreading Biochemistry and Statistics, no way around it.

What we’re working on-

Mel: I’m working on reorganizing my life. That sounds drastic but it’s the truth. I already started by re-organizing my bathrooms and my pantry, and next on my list is my closet and laundry room. I want excellence in every single corner of my life, and this is how I’m working on it!

Meg: Well currently most of my free time is tied up with my bachelors degree BUUUUUT we are still planning tons more fall and…wait for it….CHRISTMAS content over here at Avenue 126!! How fun it that??? Stay tuned..

What we’re excited about-

Mel: I am so excited for the fall and winter months! Fall clothes are my very favorite and I love the sense of community that these seasons bring! Everyone wants to get together for bonfires and coffee and it just makes my heart light up! I’m also getting SOOO excited to gear up and head back to Kenya in early 2016!

Meg: Personally for me, I am most excited about finishing my bachelors degree, and the coziness of winter coming. Christmas is also up there. As much as I love summer, the transition of fall and then having the change of winter is dreamy to me.

What we’re watching/reading-

Mel: As you might know, we here at Avenue 126 are avid DWTS fans! So I’ve been catching up on this season! I also love The Voice. As for books I’m reading lately it’s been A God-Sized Love Story by Gretchen Saffles and then I also just began reading Anchored by Kayla Aimee (we got a free copy at Influence Conference and met the sweet author! SUCH a good read so far!).


Meg: Okay so I am a huge Dancing with the Stars fan, so I’m currently watching that on Mondays. Also, The Amazing Race and Shark Tank are two shows that Joe and I just love to watch together. As far as book I have read Me Before You (highly recommend) and Bread and Wine (recommend even MORE) this past month.


What we’re listening to-

Mel: As I type this, I’m listening to Brave New World by Amanda Cook. Other current favorites are Simple Gospel from United Pursuit, Mighty by Kristene DiMarco, and then I love to listen to my Michael Bublé/Josh Groban Spotify playlist during the fall!

Meg: Brave New World, Amanda Cook

The Simple Gospel, United Pursuit

Diamonds, Johnnyswim

Flags, Brooke Fraser

What we’re wearing-

Mel: Currently I’m loving anything long and flowy with a slip extender and leggings, paired up with my neutral flat booties. Basically the outfit I’m wearing right here: (say hi to my sweet family!)


Meg: My fall uniform is skinny jeans, this flannel, and my Gray Monroe green utility jacket.

What we’re doing this weekend-

Mel & Meg: This upcoming weekend we are headed Wool Fest or a Pumpkin Patch and Canal Days at Metamora! Plus Who-Dey Sunday watching the Bengals bring home a win (hopefully) of course! We are going to be blogging about it and bringing you all the details!

What we’re looking forward to next month-

Mel: Brisk temperatures, lots of fall coffees, windows open, and allllll the fall scented things!




What else is new-

For both of us — we pretty much covered it up above! Stay tuned for our upcoming content to be in the loop with what else is new!

And that’s what’s up! Happy Wednesday, friends! Only 2 more days till the weekend!

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