What’s Up Wednesday

Hello all!! Today we are linking up with Mix and Match Mama to do a What’s Up Wednesday post. We’re joining in with some of our favorite fellow bloggers to answer what is up with our lives currently. whatsupwed1

WUWquestions editSo here we go!

What we’re eating this week-

Mel: This week’s main dish is Chicken Enchiladas! Its’ a recipe a friend of mine gave me from Pinterest and makes a TON so I will have that for dinner a few nights this week (perk of cooking for 1 — hello!), and then I have dinner plans the other 2 nights!

Meg: This week Joe is out of town, sooooo can anybody say CHIPOTLE?!! hahaha seriously though Joe has been traveling for work so I’m literally eating Chipotle everyday #noshame…I also have been eating a lot of the Amy’s Organic frozen meals for quickly packed work lunches and grab-on-the-go dinners. (not an affiliate link, I really just like her food!)

What we’re reminiscing about-

Mel & Meg: This past weekend the weather in Cincinnati was GORGEOUS so we spent our Sunday at church and then downtown in OTR eating a picnic lunch, and it reminded us of last spring and summer — we spent so many fun, spontaneous evenings grabbing food and walking around OTR with our friends and I am just itching for that same weather to come for good so we can do more of that!

What we’re loving-

Mel & Meg: Can we say it again!? — We’re LOVING the little sneak peek’s of spring weather in FEBRUARY! It just makes our spirit come alive! We are currently hash-tagging #bringthespring these days and we feel it’s working 😉


What we’ve been up to-

Mel & Meg: With Joe traveling for work we’ve had extra time together lately to literally just HANG OUT and talk without trying to get a million things done — it has been SO SO FUN! We had a little sleepover one night and we spent the day shopping and talking and laughing together, and we finally feel somewhat caught up on each other’s lives! It’s just the little things, you know!? We went shopping at Atar’d State and they had some awesome clearance we stocked up on! We caught up on our shows we watch together, caught up on all our conversations, and have had time to just be. It has been WONDERFUL.


What we’re dreading

Mel: I have 2 baskets of laundry that have needed to be folded and put away for like 2 weeks — so, yeah, you could say I’m still dreading that. Plus I need to reorganize my closet, which will make me so happy when it’s finished, but I’m just not excited to start. Also really dreading the fact that there is more snow in the forecast this week.

Meg: We’re currently in major renovations at our new house, if you haven’t heard (follow along here!) and I am painting a lot this week. I don’t mind painting its just the edging in that gets time consuming and difficult. We’re basically painting every square inch of the new house so I am definitely dreading that!

What we’re working on-

Mel: Kind of cliche and weird, but my main focus this past month has been to work on myself. On February 1st I started the 21 day fix and stuck to it the entire 3 weeks — including the workouts — and I’m still going..and plan to go for months, not weeks!! I know some of you crazy people love working out every single day but that (clearly haha) has never been my style…until now!!! I feel so good! I am sloooowly starting to see results and have been really encouraged by that! My goal is to be a newer, better version of me by our BAHAMAS TRIP (AHHHHH!) in September!

Meg: Not to beat a dead horse but we’re working tons on our house reno!

What we’re excited about-

Mel: SO many things — SPRING!, our girl’s trip to Savannah that we are planning in May (squealing so hard), my family vacation in June, and our friend’s Bahama’s trip in September! It’s nice to have stuff to look forward to in the near and far future! This season of life is super fun!

Meg: I AM WITH MEL HERE! Cannot wait for Savannah in May, HEY GIRLS TRIP! And the Bahamas in September! HEY FRIENDS TRIP! Joe and I are headed to Denver coming up here soon too and I can’t wait to see my in laws! Lots of fun trips coming up. HOLLA!

What we’re watching/reading-

Mel: I am not even gonna play with you right now — I am watching the Bachelor and I love every shameful second of it. Also watching New Girl per usual and peeing my pants laughing every single episode. Those writers are pure genius.

Meg: I read The Royal We on a recent girls trip and I’m freakin’ over the moon about that book. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I got that illustrated version of Little Women for Christmas and I just love this classic. Also, Mel and I literally watch all the same shows so BACHELOR, duh. Also, not ashamed.

What we’re listening to-

Mel: I’ve been on a big Hillsong kick lately, and also LOVING the new Elevation Worship album, Here as in Heaven.

Meg: I’m always into Brooke Fraser and something about this weather has me blasting her all the days.

What we’re wearing-

Mel: A big go-to for me lately has been this sweater (which is on CLEARANCE!) or this sweater, both in pink, with dark wash jeans and nude flats. Comfy, casual, and easy.

Meg: I just bought the comfiest, most perfect chambray dress from TJ MAXX this week (actual) // (similar) that I have literally worn 4 times already! I love it, it is so effortless and so comfy!

What we’re doing this weekend-

Mel: Friday night we and a few of our friends have some fun dinner plans with a really awesome family we recently met, and then I am watching my sweet little niece Saturday and Sunday while mom and dad go out of town and pretend they’re in college again with their friends! I think we’re all equally excited. 😉

Meg: Since Mel and I are besties we have the same Friday night plans 🙂 … Then Saturday Joe gets home from a two week work trip so we are planning to spend the weekend together and I cannot wait. We have plans to work on the house a lot and then head downtown to Sotto (our favorite place!) for a date night!

What we’re looking forward to next month-

Mel: I love all things college basketball so I of course am super jazzed for March Madness to begin! Here’s hoping my Bearcats simply make the tournament and that the Muskies are upset early on…two scenarios I’m not 100% confident in.

Meg: I am so excited to see how far our house will come in March, literally squealing just thinking about it.


What else is new-

Mel: It feels like I pretty much gave out all the details in the questions before this one.. but if you want to get technical, I got a super cute scarf (birthday prezzy from Meg!) and some cognac peep-toe flats that are both new to my closet and I cannot wait to wear them. hahah!


Meg: I’m with Mel, I think I covered most of it above!

And that’s what’s up! Happy Wednesday, friends! Only 2 more days till the weekend!

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