What’s In Our Pool Bag?!

It’s POOOOL SEASON, LADIES!! WOOOOT! This means that the two of us are spending every free, sunshiney moment we have laying poolside and soaking up the summer sun! We have a pretty nice little routine when it comes to the pool — we grab our pool bags, load them up with our must-haves, and head outside.

Today we’re sharing our pool bag musts with you — here’s what we can’t leave without:

The key to getting all this good stuff in there without breaking your arm is to get a sturdy, good quality pool bag. This one is from All For Color and this particular print is retired but this adorable aztec one is available along with a bunch of others. They’re nice because they are big, deep, have pockets on the inside, and are lined with terrycloth so wet stuff isn’t a huge problem! (This is not an affiliate link – we really love this bag!)

We want to know your pool-bag essentials! Are we missing something that you can’t go to the pool without!?
Happy Summer!

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