Weekend Getaway: Canopy Crew Tree House at Red River Gorge

Joe and I celebrate four years of marriage this past week on November 11th! When everyone says that time flies, they weren’t lying! I have no idea where the last four years went!!


We have always gifted travel to each other rather than things on special occasions and this year was no exception! We had to stay pretty local for this trip due to my school schedule and Joe’s work schedule so when a friend showed me a picture of The Canopy Crew’s Tree house and I found out it was only 2 hours away I was sold!

Our stay was super cozy and lovely. We read a lot of books, drank warm tea on the deck cuddled up in blankets, ate yummy food, dreamed about what the next year holds for our family, and reflected on how beautiful and hard marriage is – it was such a sweet time together! My favorite things about the tree house: the built in hammock on the deck (UM HELLO), the wrap around porch, and the cozy heater in the tree house! There is a teeny little kitchen with a gas stove that made it super easy to cook on out in the wilderness. There are tons of fun hiking trails really close also! My not so favorite things about the stay were the middle of the night trek to the outhouse (although it was the prettiest little outhouse you ever did see!). There were tons of little details that made our stay so fun and rustic! I would definitely recommend this for a stay if you are into a sort of glorified camping, it was so rustic, fun, and unique. If you are interested in details on how book your own tree house stay click here.

I hope you enjoy our pictures and a short video from our stay below:




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This is a sponsored post. All opinions, pictures, and information are mine from my own experiences and we only promote products/companies/destinations we love. A big thank you to The Canopy Crew for making our trip and stay exceptional.