Waweza Wednesday: New Kitchen Edition!!

Megan and Joe were in Kenya this past summer (if you didn’t follow along on that trip you can view Megan’s real time posts from Kenya, here, here, and here.) Every time one of us goes to Kenya we try and accomplish a “big” project and this time we chose to raise money to re-do our kitchen for our staff and kids.

Our “kitchen” before was a bunch of recycled sheet metal bent into a square room where our staff cooked over two large rocket stoves or “jikos” – unfortunately the stoves weren’t built correctly and filled the kitchen with smoke incessantly. It was a very harsh working place for our staff to be cooking for 40 kids + 12 staff members 3 times a day. We raised about $7K from our GENEROUS donors and supporters and were able to build a beautiful kitchen that is smoke free AND equipped with clean running water, a stainless steel prep table, electricity, a back up generator, a deep freezer and a refrigerator! (All things we didn’t have before!!) Below are some pictures of the new kitchen, and of course a few of our kids in there 😉 Thank you SO much again to everyone who donated to make this project possible!

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