Waweza Wednesday: Meet Waweza Movement!

We are so excited about what we get to share with you today! If there’s one thing anybody knows about us collectively or separately, it’s our love and adoration for all things Africa. Thus, we are continuing something that Megan and her hubby, Joe, started last year – WAWEZA WEDNESDAYS! It’s literally our two most favorite things colliding on one page – Avenue 126 and Waweza. Eeeeeep! JOY!

Waweza Wednesday


Here’s a brief history on how we got here. It all started with Megan when she was 11. She went to Kenya for the first time with her parents, and a seed was planted. Years later, at age 18, Megan returned briefly to Kenya for a short trip, and a few months later went back to spend her summer there. When she came home that time, she knew something had to be done. The Lord had birthed a vision in her that she knew she had to follow through with. Following that summer, we began nursing school together and Meg’s vision quickly grabbed ahold of Mel’s heart, too. Together we spearheaded what would soon be known as Waweza Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring hope to Kenya.

Together with the help of Megan’s incredible parents, our graphic designer friend, Nick, and our super awesome Savior-of-the-universe-friend, Jesus, we launched Waweza Movement in October of 2009. The vision was one of sacrificial giving – give up 2 coffees, or 1 meal a month and use that $8.00 on a category of your choice – orphan care, Bibles, clean water, food, or medical supplies. And while Waweza Movement is dedicated to multiple facets of ministry, our main focus at the beginning was (and still is) orphan care. Our first goal was to build an orphanage and within a year, by the grace of God alone, we had raised about $35,000. By the following December we had raised enough to build the building completely, and 6 months after that we had the funds to sustain it. On June 5, 2011, 35 of the world’s sweetest kids moved out of streets and front porches and garbage dumbs and moved into the Waweza Movement Rescue Center.

Waweza Wednesday

Waweza Wednesday Waweza Wednesday Waweza Wednesday Waweza Wednesday Waweza Wednesday Waweza Wednesday Waweza Wednesday

In July of 2011, a little over a month after moving the kids in, we had the absolute joy and pleasure of going to meet them at their new home. There is literally nothing that we have ever done that has been more rewarding than that moment – driving up to the building, being greeted by their little faces waving and singing to us.

After that first trip we took together, Megan went back the following summer with her husband and Melissa went that following January, and then in January of 2014 Megan and Joe moved to Kenya to live there for 4 months and Melissa came for 2 weeks of that to be with them and the kids.

Since then, Waweza Movement has continued to grow. We have gained a few new kids, established an incredible staff of African workers that we simply adore, who care for and love the kids while we are stateside, and even started a child sponsorship program where each child gets to be “adopted” and financially supported by a family here in the states. Our most recent endeavor has been a close working relationship with a Deaf School in Kenya.

Every single day we have to pinch ourselves, because it just doesn’t seem right that God could use little old us to help shape and change the lives of 40 Kenyan orphans. But God is so good. And He can do that. All it takes is constant prayer, a little bit of faith, and obedience to what He has stirred in us.

Today we simply want to introduce you to Waweza Movement and share some of the beautiful images that we’ve had the joy of experiencing in real life. We hope you’ll take a minute to check out our site and pray about coming alongside us as we walk this journey of loving orphans with Jesus.

Our Hut 7A in Kenya -- Home for three weeks

Waweza Wednesday

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Waweza Wednesday

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