Waweza Wednesday: Meet Hilary Clinton

Happy Waweza Wednesday!! Today we are introducing you to one of our boys, Hilary Clinton. (Not a typo if you were wondering). Hilary has been one of our kids since the very beginning. He moved into the orphanage the day we opened our doors and he has lit up our lives with laughter and love and joy since the very second we met him.

Here’s a little more about our boy:
-Hilary is 11 years old
-He is brilliantly smart; he has been first in his class multiple times
-He speaks better English that most of our kids
-He is an unbelievably good soccer player and LOVES to play
-He is all boy all the time — getting his hands dirty, playing tricks, and running wild all the time
-He has a big time servant’s heart
story: when we were in Kenya last year, we went to plant a field one morning. When we arrived a few of our kids had already been there and finished most of the work for us already. For their hard work, we had beans, rice, and some pineapple juice for them to eat. Once they were finished, most of the kids got up and went on to play or do whatever kids do, but Hilary — completely unprompted — was filling bowls and cups full of food and drink for the local street kids. That is the kind of kid he is all the time.
His favorite subjects are English and Christian studies (melt our hearts)
-He is a natural leader
-He has very, very good manners and is always so polite
-But as stated before, he is still ALL BOY ALL THE TIME.. so he has his moments 😉
-He wants to be a pilot. Or a movie star. Ha! And he has DREAMS! Real, authentic dreams and goals! We just love that about him
-He’s one of those kids that we know is going to grow up to change the world. Like, people say that about all their kids but we are so serious. He is chalk full of passion and drive and enthusiasm for his goals.
-He is competitive and he hates losing
-He loves Jesus and isn’t shy about it. And this is probably our favorite thing about him.

To watch his story, view below, or click here.

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