Waweza Wednesday: FAITH’S STORY

Coming at you today is one of our favorites — WAWEZA WEDNESDAY!

Today we are introducing you to one of our little loves, Faith. Or Faithey or Kidogo Mwana or whatever other cute name you want to call her sweet face. We absolutely melt over this little one. She came to us at the very end of 2013, right before Joe and Megan moved to live in Kenya, and we cannot imagine our lives without her.

Here’s a little bit about our sweet girl:

-Faith is 5 years old, going on 25.
-She is sooo spunky and so much fun
-She does this adorable thing with her eyebrows that she knows we all love and she totally uses it to her advantage
-She has this raspy little voice that we cannot get enough of
-When she’s sick, she is a big-time cuddler
-Every other moment of every other day, she is a wild child. And we don’t hate it!
-She love love loves to jump rope, and she loves to make you watch her jump rope while she counts her jumps
-She also loves hopscotch. She will make an entire hopscotch court (?) in the dirt and do it over and over and over
-She can totally rock a dress but said dress is usually covered in dirt. This girl ain’t afraid to play right along side those crazy boys!
-She sometimes forgets that it’s okay to simply talk rather than scream. She can’t help it! She’s always so high energy and so excited! And again, we don’t hate it!
-She loves to give love. She gives endless hugs and kisses & then more hugs. And this might be our very favorite thing about her.

To see more of our precious Faith, watch her story below:

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