Waweza Wednesday: Buy a T Shirt – build a new kitchen for orphans

As some of you may or may not know Joe and Megan, are spending 5 weeks in Kenya this July and August. While there, they would like to do a good amount of home improvement projects at the orphanage. The biggest project we are hoping to accomplish is to build a new kitchen with running water and electricity for the children and the staff. Currently, the staff are cooking in a 5×5 room made of sheet metal over rocket stoves. While it does work, it isn’t ideal for the staff and the older girls who are learning to cook. We would also like to do some painting, replace some windows, and add onto the swing set Joe built last year. In addition, we continue to work on reliable clean water options for the kids. Please join us in helping these orphans live in a cleaner, more efficient home by buying a t shirt!
Here is the link to follow:
Here is a photo of the t shirt, there are unisex, women’s, long sleeve, and hoodies:
Waweza Wednesday - buy a t shirt and build a new kitchen for orphans
Here are some photos of our current kitchen:

All proceeds to the t shirt sales go directly to the kitchen and home improvement projects. Share this page, tell all your friends, and help us get cooking! Thank you so much!!!

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