Trader Joes Greeting Cards

Okay so — we were going to do this post for a Tuesday tip, but it’s not Tuesday and we’re just dyyyyyying to share this fun little find with you all! On a recent trip to Trader Joe’s we found these gorgeous guys in the back of the store and we couldn’t believe our little eyes when we saw the price tags! They were only 99 CENTS EACH!!! I MEAN HELLO!!! Hallmark, where is your sting!? These cards are gorgeous!

We totally value and really just think it is the sweetest thing to send and receive a hand written card. So we wanted to share our little find with you. We picked up about 15 of these little pretties while we were there to have on hand! Because you just never know when a hand-written letter is going to be needed!

IMG_7862 IMG_7864 IMG_7865 IMG_7866

Wouldn’t it be so sweet to send a hand written card each month just as a little pick me up for someone? We love that idea!

So, hurry! Go get your hands on some of these!


Signature large




***This is not a sponsored post, we really just love these cards and wanted to share!***