Staple Series – Steve Madden Cognac Boots

Ok, girls! We are like JAZZED OUT OF OUR MINDS about this series! When we began planning for the blog, we were trying to think of fun, different ideas for series-type posts. We tossed some ideas around but didn’t really fall in love with anything…that is, until, we were enjoying legitimate European style pizza and gelato on an outdoor patio in downtown Indy. Something about delicious, authentic food seriously has the ability to birth creativity. We believe that. So, as we ate, we were talking about the infamous (and ridiculously adorable) gold stapler that you have probably seen 104982 pictures of already, and thus this series was born.

The Avenue 126 Staple Series.

Avenue 126 Staple Series Launch - Steve Madden Cognac Boots

What better way to share the things we love than by introducing you to all the staple items in our life – from staple items in our closets, to staple items in our kitchens, to our bedrooms, bathrooms, even our lunches that we pack for work. We cannot wait to share the things that have revolutionized our lives in simple ways. So, without further ado, our first staple:

Steve Madden’s Steven Intyce Boot in cognac brown. We are in love.

We first fell in love with a knock-off version of these boots from Target 4 years ago and wore them into the ground – literally. We each had a pair and up until last year they were in pretty decent condition – and for Target boots, that is LEGIT! However, a girl we knew in nursing school had the Steven ones, and was going on year 7 or 8 with them, and you would have NEVER known that by looking at them. They were in perfect condition. So this year, when both of our boots were forced by holes and tears to be retired, we went after the real thing. And while they may seem a little pricey, this is the kind of item that you truly get what you pay for. We’ve each had them for only about 4 months at this point, and have already gotten our money’s worth – and this is just the beginning. These boots can be paired with ANYTHING. Seriously…anything at all. Dress them up or dress them down – either way they will instantly add a flair of style to any outfit. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear them.

Follow the link we posted above to get yourself a pair! We promise you will thank us later!


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