Six ways to step up your Instagram Game

Okay, we LOVE instagram here at Avenue 126. Like we L O V E it. For us, Instagram is a major creative outlet, a way for us to share little pieces of who we are with the world, and a way to glorify Jesus in a very 2016 way. Hear us out — while we have heard (and agree with) the argument that Instagram (and social media in general) can be a breeding ground for comparison and self-doubt, we are big time believers that it can be used for the very opposite of those things. Instagram for us is a really easy way to share the gospel in a tangible, girly way. This is not, however, to be confused with buttering up the raw gospel or adding sparkles to make it look more appealing. We are firm believers in showing Jesus and Him alone, however, we live in a culture of eye-catching, appeal-to-me type stuff, and we think Instagram is a way to capture people’s attention, and then smack them in the face with the love of God. Not to mention it’s a real way to stay accountable to the people around you. When we post about the Lord or we share scripture that we’re chewing on, and then we go to work or church or really anywhere, we have an audience that has seen what we’re saying online and will be able to judge the fruits of who we are when we’re not stuck behind our iPhones. Basically what we’re saying is this — you can use Instagram as a comparison tool and find yourself upset, doubting your own abilities as a mom, friend, wife, etc., OR you can utilize it as a platform to unabashedly express who you are and what you believe in for the good of not only yourself, but also for those that follow you. You are in control of that and we love it!

Here are six things we think will help everyone who is on Instagram post fun and prettier pictures. These are things that we do every time we Instagram.

  1. Shoot in natural light! Fluorescent lights and indoor light make photos look dull and unexciting. Find the best lit places in your house, kitchen, outside, at the park, etc. and shoot your photos there.
  2. If you are shooting outside, golden hour light is THE BEST. This is early in the morning while the sun is coming up and in the evening right before the sun sets. The light is soft and makes everything glow. Midday direct sunlight is harsh and makes your photos look overexposed.
  3. Edit lightly and don’t over process your photos. Allow the colors to be airy and true to what they look like to the eye, don’t over saturate, over expose, or over contrast on your edit. We exclusively edit in the Afterlight app and we choose to never use any filters. We just tweak a few things in Afterlight.
  4. Shoot against clean, crisp backgrounds. It makes the focus of the picture stand out more.
  5. Keep your edits consistent and similar so your overall feed has the same feel — that is if you’re going for a specific feel or theme. If not — then you do you! Consistency does however make your feed feel put together and overall more attractive to new followers.
  6. Again, if you are going for a stylized feed — avoid photo collages, words on your photos, crazy filters, and different crops.

and finally, if we can add one more little tidbit, it would be this:

****** Be true to what you like to shoot and how you like your pictures! Don’t copy the way other’s edit or shoot! Be yourself! People recognize phonies!******

For what it’s worth, we shoot exclusively with our iPhones when it comes to our instas! If for some reason we are using a DSLR photo, we mention that. To us it just seems more authentic when it’s all done on the same little piece of metal technology! But, as we said before — be true to you and do the style that you feel best fits who you are! Also worth noting is the fact that we’re not saying this is the right way to Instagram. As we said before, do it however YOU want! These are just tips if you’re going for a more stylized feed! 😉

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