Savannah, Georgia Trip Recap + Travel Guide

Hey, strangers! (We know, we know…we’re the strangers around here!) BUT we’re back! After a little hiatus (because life has been STUPID BUSY), we are back and ready for all the fun bloggy stuff the fall has in store!

So, as a way to come out of our little blog-nap strong, we are sharing about our girls trip from a few months back! As some of you may already know, the two of us had a fun little girls weekend in Savannah, Georgia back in mid-May and can we just say…even 2 months later we are STILL drooling over all the prettiness that Savannah is! We seriously had the BEST time! Before we left, we had both been working so much that it had been almost 2 weeks since we had hung out, and for anyone that knows us, you know we were DYING for some girl time to catch up! Needless to say, we did ALLLL the catching up over our long weekend!

If you’re looking for the short, “here’s what NOT to miss in Savannah” stuff, scroll to the bottom of this post! We’ve got you covered!

We booked the cutest little flat in the Historic District where we stayed from Thursday through Tuesday. It was clean, welcoming, and perfect for the two of us…not to mention it was adorable! Plus it was within walking distance to everything we wanted to do (with the exception of going to the beach!). While Savannah isn’t super huge, it is packed to the brim with fun, beautiful places to go, things to eat, sights to see, and stuff to do.

We arrived Thursday evening and got ourselves settled into our little home before heading out for a low-key dinner. Driving…and talking the entire 10 hour drive…really takes it out of you! 😉 We ate at The 5 Spot Kitchen & Bar and then came back home to crash. We ended each night with a little New Girl before we slept. Actual BLISS.

Our first full day was Friday and we hit the ground running. We tried to make sure we planned our food ventures wisely so we weren’t stuffed all day, but so we could still enjoy as much yummy stuff as possible. Friday morning we got a little grab and go breakfast from The Collins Quarter and headed to the nearest square to enjoy it. Ok — so if you haven’t ever been to Savannah, they have all of these BEAUTIFUL little squares for people to just sit at, walk through, meet up at…whatever! Some are fancier than others but this little piece of Savannah was one of our favorite parts about the whole city. We loved the value it placed on taking time to just be…by yourself or with friends, but to just relax nonetheless. After breakfast we headed for Broughton Street — the main shopping strip in the city, and we shopped..and shopped..and shopped. We also did not wear appropriate shoes, but that’s neither here nor there! We had lunch that day at The Public Kitchen & Bar where we both scarfed down the most delicious grass-fed burgers of EVER. Yum CITY, y’all. And then we kept on shoppin’ because #girlstrip. That night we went across the river to the gorgeous Marriot Riverfront and had margs while staring into the sunset, palm trees a’blazing. G L O R I O U S. We ended the night at the beach getting some pretty sunset footage before coming back to our place!

We were super excited for Saturday morning because there was a local farmer’s market at Forsyth Park, one of Savannah’s main attractions and one of the most beautiful parks we have ever been to. If you’re going to Savannah, Forsyth is a must! We strolled through the market and swooned over all the pretty things, then strolled some more and took some pictures, drooled, snapped, swooned, strolled, more pictures, more swooning, etc. etc. etc. About every 5 minutes we would just look at each other and freak out at all the prettiness and at the fact that we were actually there and it was actually real. ALSO — if you go to Forsyth, make sure you take time to walk around the park in its entirety because it is lined with GORGEOUS houses! After the market, we went to lunch at Soho South Café.. a DEFINITE must visit while in Savannah! Talk about the cutest little place! Soho South used to be an old automotive repair shop and garage that they have since transformed into the CUTEST brunch spot! We both had the Shrimp Po Boy sandwich and HELLLLLO DELICIOUSNESS. After lunch we walked forever to find the trolley tours place because, well, we wanted to take a trolley tour. We walked and walked and walked until we realized we had walked and walked the wrong way (#classicus) and eventually made it to our destination! We spent the afternoon on a trolley with our sweet southern belle of a driver where we learned some super fun facts about Savannah’s history! Seriously, HIGHLY recommend the this — it really pulls everything together when you get to know the history and the fun little stories behind certain places! We hopped off the trolley down by the River at Rocks on the Roof for a rooftop view of the famous river and a sweet little afternoon marg! #VACATION. We were still pretty full come dinner time so we decided to go out to have something light for dinner and we ended up at A.Lure where we had an AMAZING (seriously, you guys) cheese plate. SERIOUS YUMZ. The only negative thing about that place was that our waiter was less than pleased that we weren’t getting a huge meal and definitely treated us accordingly rather than trying to make sure we enjoyed what we did order. We got the bare minimum from him while the table next to us (who ordered like 2 bottles of wine and a bunch of entrees) was getting the treeeeeatment! It was actually comical and we laughed about it, but still made it memorable for the wrong reasons!

Sunday was our day to regroup. We got up, packed our beach bags, and headed to Tybee Island for the day! If you’re looking to get a little beach in on your trip to Savannah, Tybee is a quick 20 minute drive and is the perfect fix for somebody who needs a dose of the sea! We spent all day reading, sleeping, and relaxing because, again, #vacation. We came back that night to freshen up for dinner and then headed out for Mexican to celebrate Megan’s birthday (a few weeks late). We went to Blowin Smoke, a little cantina with outdoor seating and yummy tacos. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for something a little more low-key but still yummy!

Our last day was spent catching up on the things we missed and some places that we wanted to go back to! We had dinner reservations that night at The Olde Pink House, a famous restaurant located in, you guessed it, an old pink house. It was pretty much our grand finale to celebrate such a sweet, fun weekend together so we got all dressed up for the occasion. We both splurged HARD on the lobster tail dinner and IT. WAS. SO. WORTH. IT. We spent the dinner sharing our favorite parts of the trip together, laughing, and pinching ourselves because we just couldn’t believe this was our life! That night we packed up and watched the DWTS semi-finals before closing the book on an amazing trip!

If you cant tell, we are obsessed with Savannah! We HIGHLY recommend it for a long weekend trip with your people! Thursday to Tuesday was really the perfect amount of time to see all the sites without running out of things to do.

SO! If you opted to skip all the personal details for the administrative details, here’s what you don’t want to miss on your trip to Savannah:


Here are two little video recaps of our trip. We had SO. MUCH. FUN.

If you’re planning a trip to Savannah or you’ve already been, we would LOVE to hear about it!

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