Rescue Orphans T Shirt! Send Mel to Kenya!

Hey all!! We have a gorgeous little tee for you guys to buy today over on Melissa’s bonfire fund campaign! Our hearts deepest desire, next to serving Jesus, is to rescue orphans from their distress, hence the “Rescue Orphans” graphic. The graphic on the shirt was actually created and hand-lettered by Melissa which is really special!

Rescue Orphans

Read the below excerpt about the purpose of Mel’s trip:

“This trip will be my 4th time to Kenya. While I’m there it is my goal to continue bettering the lives of not only our orphans, but also those I might meet while I am there. I will be working closely with our Kenyan staff to ensure that our kids are living the best life they possibly can, that they are growing strong and healthy, and most importantly that they are serving Jesus every single day, among other things. This trip will be a way to check in on things as well as to plan for the future of Waweza Movement.”


Rescue orphans t shirt

Traveling to Kenya is expensive! And while Melissa has been and will continue to be saving her own money to go abroad, she needs your help. Aside from trip expenses Mel will be taking off time from work as well, which again is expensive to do!

Rescue orphans t shirt

So everyone help Mel out and go buy a tee! And, obviously you want this shirt! It is gorgeous! Ya heard me!!! Head on over to bonfire funds via this link and buy a t shirt! (The t shirts are $20 each).

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