Pajama Party Recap

As part of our 2015 Bucket List we wanted to throw a girls Pajama Party for our closest friends! I mean really, how fun is getting together with some of your best girlfriends and doing cliche-girly-girl things?! We planned a super simple menu (see below), set out tons of pillows and blankets, had matching pajamas as party-wearin’-gear / favors for each of the girls, and just planned to chill out, laugh a lot, and unwind with people that we simply love.

PJ Party Recap - Avenue 126

We cannot even begin to explain how much fun we had — we had a dance party, lip sync battles, heart-to-hearts…allll the girly things. And we cannot even express how refreshing it was just being with good, solid friends. There was one moment where it was like the Lord just confirmed his delight in our friendships with these girls and we both just knew like ‘YES. These are the friends we need in our lives for the rest of time..’ — it was when we were mid-dance party and one of the girls got a call from her mom asking her to be praying for someone in their life who is going through some junk. When she hung up she told us and instead of just keeping on with our dance party, one of our other precious friends said “Let’s pray for her right now.” So we sat down and together we cried out to Jesus to make a move. And right after, we stood up and danced some more. Is that not what real, authentic friendship should look like or what!? It just made our hearts swell and our love for Jesus grow.

PJ Party Recap - Avenue 126

In the morning we woke up to sunshine pouring in the windows, donuts on the table, and milk in our glasses. It was the perfect ending to a super fun, super refreshing girls night in.


Evening snacks:
Chick-fil-a Nugget Tray (dressed on a pretty platter)
Choco-Dipped Bananas
Eggless Cookie Dough + Graham Cracker Sticks
Veggies + Dip
Lemon + Orange Infused Water
Shirley Temples (Sprite + Grenadine)
Donuts + OJ + Milk

Party Details:

Invites made by Joseph (Megan’s husband)
Pajamas provided for each of our girls
Hand written notes for each girl
Food tags hand lettered by Melissa
Milk Bottles + Carrier – TJ Maxx


We hope this inspires you to carve out some time to be with your closest girlfriends. There’s nothing quite like quality girl-time and we are big believers that every woman needs that, young and old alike!

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