We are super stoked about a new little series that we’ve been gearing up for — our OTR Series! Both of us absolutely adore Over the Rhine (for those of you who aren’t from Cincinnati, OTR is a little neighborhood in the city, and while parts of it are somewhat run-down, it is slowly but surely being revamped with trendy restaurants, coffee bars, boutiques, and more. And WE LOVE IT).

OTR series, Bakersfield, Avenue 126 reccommends

We decided to launch our series at Bakersfield OTR, a delicious little Mexican joint in the heart of Vine Street. Bakersfield holds a special little place in our hearts because it was where we went to celebrate our blog launch the day we went live! Plus, the food is KILLER and the atmosphere is so fun! If you have never been, here’s our advice to you:

-Go there.
-When you go, if you’re trying to avoid waiting 45 minutes to an hour, you’re going to want to go on a weekday at an off-time (i.e.: 4:00 in the afternoon or something).
-Get the chips and guac. GET THEM. Even if you’re not sure if you like guac, we promise you will find a new love for it. PRRRROMISE.
-Try the tacos. All the tacos we’ve tried thus far have been suuuper yumtown (AND we have heard the other food is incredible, too — but we always have our hearts set on tacos with chips and guac).
-Go with just a couple people; It’s small and it’s loud and if you want to have a better chance at getting a seat as well as the ability to hold meaningful conversation, you don’t want a huge group.
-Hang out in OTR when you’re finished! Get out and explore some of the other little places OTR has to offer — maybe grab dessert somewhere or just people watch…whatever floats your boat!

So for our super unofficial, unsponsored review of Bakersfield OTR we’re giving it 4 stars. Good food, fun atmosphere, but the wait is usually sort of obnoxious (but most of the waits at most of of the restaurants down there usually are, so don’t be surprised and it really is worth it!)

We hope you love it!


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