November Goals

Hey everyone! We’re checking in today to share our goals for this month and hopefully spur you on to create some goals of your own! But first, can we just address this real quick: WHERE THE HECK DID OCTOBER GO?! We love October around here and definitely have been celebrating fall. However, we are so stoked for the coziness that is coming with winter. As temperatures start to drop that Midwest mindset always leads me to laziness. Anybody else want to sip hot tea and dream about the hot beach while cozied up with a blanket all winter long???? Mel and I really challenged each other to write out goals down this month, whether big or small. This helps us keep each other accountable and really make the most of the month. So here we go with our goals this month:

Megan’s November Goals: 
-Follow our set budget for November & meet 3 out of 4 weeks for our “Money Monday Meeting”
-Celebrate 4 years of being married to Joe-YAY!
-Finish 3 classes towards my BSN
-Start Christmas shopping/decorating (WOOOOOOOOOOO!)
-Have two couples over for dinner
-Continue Ruth bible study with Melissa

Melissa’s November Goals: 
-Meal plan each Sunday night for the entire week
-Get coffee at least twice with a friend to catch up on life
-Finish about 75% of my Christmas shopping (reaching for the stars here)
-Buy tickets & begin packing supplies for KENYA!
-Listen to Christmas music and put up my tree!
-Sit around lots of bonfires and laugh a lot with friends

Avenue 126 November Goals

So there you have it! As you can see, some of our goals are simple and others are more in depth. We really want to encourage you to write down some November goals on a little posty note and stick it on your desk/fridge/night stand/wherever you will see it! We hope you stay motivated to have an awesomely productive and yet restful November!

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