Mr. B’s Necessities Review!

Hi all! I have some very fun products to share with you all today! Last year on vacation Joe and I read The Bulletproof Diet book and it has really changed our lives. We don’t want to be religious or weird all the time about what we eat/drink/use in our home and on our bodies but the book made us more aware for sure.


Last year we worked on making our diet much cleaner and really finding out the highest quality avenues to get our food from. Simple things like switching to pastured eggs, grass fed beef, and wild atlantic salmon…anyway we have been striving to change over all our household products to a “clean” version – things like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, cleaning supplies, etc.


——->ENTER MR. B’s NECESSITIES. These products are ultra clean, handmade in the US, and are good for you! No gimmicks! I tried their Lavender & Rosemary Candle (which actually smells like heaven) & their top selling deodorant and these products are the real deal! I haven’t tried anything else yet, but MAJORLY PLAN TO BUY ALL THE THINGS! I haven’t been able to find a “clean” deodorant that actually works or that I like and this one works so well and smells heavenly. Joe likes it just as much as I do to! It’s not to girly of a scent so we’re both using it right now!


I really would recommend these products on the virtue of the products being all natural and good for your body! Highly recommend browsing their shop/instagram!