Monday Night Football recap + game day eats!

Last night our beloved Cincinnati Bengals took their first loss of the season to the Houston Texans (which is still breaking our hearts and confusing us all). Although it was a heartbreaker, the atmosphere of prime time football is unlike anything else. Initially when we planned to go to the game, we were expecting a crowd — a bunch of our friends hanging out Monday afternoon into evening before heading into Paul Brown Stadium to watch our Bengals defeat the Texans. Unfortunately, that plan definitely didn’t happen (ha!) and for a bunch of different reasons, only 4 of us ended up being able to go.


Since it was just a little group, we decided to nix our idea of tailgating and just went out for apps before the game. We ended up at Moerlein Lager House on the Banks. It was buzzing with hungry and excited Bengals fans and we ended up just ordering a bunch of appetizers  to share. Yet again we were not disappointed by Moerlein. Everything was just YUMZ on YUMZ. If you are from Cincy and haven’t been — GO. Amazing food, awesome service, fun atmosphere, and a bunch of awesome views. Anywho, I digress!

The real reason for this little post is to remind you of some of our favorite gameday foods! No matter where you’re watching the game — whether live in person or from home, we have a few yummy recipes we wanted to remind you of that compliment football preeeetty nicely. (And if you’re watching it live in person, we’re thinking tailgate party!) Remember during March Madness when we shared our party foods!? Well HELLO — bring these recipes out for football season! These are sure to curb the appetites of your hungry fans while you guys watch the game together.

Simple Party Foods : March Madness Edition Avenue 126

Here are a few pictures from our Who-dey Monday! (And special bonus — Mel’s adorable niece!) While we didn’t see a winner, we still had lots of fun! And photo credit to our friend Adam for capturing the group selfies and the PBS panoramic! Can’t wait to do it again with you precious people!


Here’s to another prime time game for our Bengals this coming Sunday with a different ending! Who dey!

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