Megan’s Florida + Bahama Trip Recap

I turned 25 on May 8th! WOW…25! I felt like this was the first birthday that really made me feel like an aging adult. Now this may seem dramatic, but to me 25 felt like a big deal. Thus we wanted to do it up! Since Joe and I have been married we have always gifted travel to each other for holidays + celebrations + birthdays. People often ask us how we afford to travel so much – and we unpacked this subject on our travel blog here.


Here’s how we budgeted for this trip in a nutshell: we set an amount we wanted to spend on the trip total back in September then we divided that by how many months we had until we traveled and saved that amount each month. That way when this trip came up we had the money to cash flow it and it enables us to stay on track while we are away. A few ways we cut down on costs this trip: we flew a budget airline and avoided fees by not picking our seats and by packing very light! Staying with a family member helps cut down on housing costs – in this case we stayed with Joe’s grandmother, Ellie for a portion of our trip (not always possible but so nice!). Lastly, we split travel with other people! In this case my brother-in-law and sister-in-law traveled with us which was fun and made it cheaper!! Also, you can split meals to slash food costs!


ANYWAY, we have been itching to get to the sea after the long winter so we felt like a trip to the Bahamas would be perfection. We stopped in Fort Lauderdale, FL and kicked off our trip by visiting Joe’s grandma in her retirement village. We always feel so pampered when we go to see Grandma Ellie. Her complex has walking trails, pools, lakes, bikes, and tons of activities for us to do with her. She is about 10 minutes from the beach so it was easy access for nightly beach walks also! {If you are in the Lauderdale – Delray Beach area I reccommend taking a long drive along the A1A highway. It is situated directly adjacent to the sea and makes for a stunning ride. There are several beautiful beach towns to check out along the way, too! More reccommedations from our trip below…}  After a couple days in Lauderdale we headed down to Miami to cruise to the BAHAMAS!


Honestly this trip was just bliss for us! We traveled with Joe’s brother David, and his wife, Alicia who I just adore. We spent a lot of time in the sun at the beach, we kayaked, we played shuffle board, we read good books, we ate A LOT of delightful food, and we laughed a lot. We visited Grand Bahama island, Great Stirrup Cay, & Nassau and ended it with a day in Miami! I honestly felt so celebrated on this trip! It was the perfect way to bring in 25! I hope you enjoy an abundance of pictures from Florida and the Bahamas! Places we visited and loved are linked below! {All the pictures below are iPhone photos – I didn’t take my DSLR out until our day in Miami and I’m kicking myself for it now! But I will still love these photos forever…}

I wanted to challenge myself on this trip to take more videos to remember and savor memories better — something I wish I would have done last year during our time in Europe. So….I did it! It took me maybe an extra 5 minutes a day to whip out my iPhone in a wonderful moment and take a 6 second video and put it back away. I put this little video together on my phone in iMovie so I thought I would share with you!

 Places we visited that I recommend:

A1A Highway Drive – Fort Lauderdale to Delray Beach
Le Macaron – Delray Beach
Caffee Martier – Delray Beach
Downtown Delray Beach – Delray Beach
Red Reef Park – Boca Rotan
Las Olas BlvdFort Lauderdale
Paradise Island Public Beach – Nassau
Marina Village at Atlantis Nassau
Wynwood Walls – Miami
Wynwood Stationary – Wynwood {HIGHLY RECCOMMEND}
Mmmm – Wynwood
JugoFresh Juice – Wynwood
Zak the Baker -Wynwood
The Raleigh Hotel – Miami

Books I read on this trip:
Shades of Blue – Karen Kingsbury
Jesus, the One and Only – Beth Moore

My wardrobe Essentials for this trip:
Flip flops
Beach Bag

Photos with my DSLR from Miami, FL (Places tagged if you click on the photo):

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