Megan’s Denver Trip Recap: Plus fun things to do in Denver

Joe and I (Megan) just got back from visiting my in-laws in Denver! Joe’s sweet family lives in Colorado and I am so thankful for a second family who lives in a beautiful place!!!  This trip was so refreshing for me! We were able to hang with such dear friends — some old, some new — and had the opportunity to take a creative workshop taught by my sister Emily who has written a book on cultivating a lifestyle of creativity. And of course, we spent lots of time outside in the mountains enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. Joe’s whole finally is wildly creative so I always leave them feeling creatively recharged and inspired and this trip was no exception. While we were there this time Joe’s brother, Josh did a photo shoot for us in the mountains which was just super fun to get to take some pictures together. I’m always spurred on in my photography by siblings Emily, Alicia, & Josh!

Since Joe and I are in Colorado several times a year and I thought I would share a few things we always love to do and see, as well as places we eat when we are there — plus a few fun pictures!

Joe proposed to me in Boulder, Colorado and so we always spend a lot of time there when we go to Denver. So, naturally, most of our “spots” in Denver are actually in Boulder. 🙂 It is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Denver.

My favorite shop to check out is Bayleaf European Gifts & Market. It is SUCH a fun little shop and it reminds of of our travels to Europe! They have an amazing card selection, chocolate collection, and a gorgeous selection of wrapping paper, stamps, and cookbooks – UM HELLO.

My favorite restaurant to check out is The Boulder Teahouse. I love, love, love tea and this restaurant is such a fun place to eat if you are in the area!

My favorite park to check out is Chautauqua Park. Joe proposed here, and the flat iron mountains are just stunning. There are some easy places to hike and drive up into the mountains here and we ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS spend an afternoon in the park here!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few pictures from our trip, I’d love to hear if any of you are going to Colorado and if you decide to check out any of these fun places! Also, if you are traveling at all this spring and summer, be sure to check out our Packing Tips blog post here!

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