Megan: We Celebrate YOU!! { + a sweet gift idea for your girlfriends!}

As you might remember, Megan turned 25 last week! As a way to celebrate all that she means to so many people, I sent out blank (adorable) birthday cards {with a stamped envelope addressed back to me to make it super simple!} to some of the dearest people in her life and asked them to write her a note expressing exactly what they love about her, why she is so special to them, memories of her that they love, etc. You might remember she did the same thing for my birthday in February. We basically decided we loved it and wanted to make sure both of us had the opportunity to read all the love that our sweet friends had for us, which is why I totally duplicated this gift idea! BUT, in addition to the cards, I added an extra request asking that each person send me a picture of them with Megan, a picture of Megan that they love, or a picture that makes them think of Megan. I wanted the girls to get creative so I left it up to them as far as how many and what type of picture.


Once I had the pictures, I kind of paniked. What could I possibly do to put them together in a manner that would be meaningful to Megan without making a book that would probably sit on a shelf after she received it?! I thought and thought and SERIOUSLY by the grace of God alone I came up with the perfect, Megan-ish idea — create a {secret} instagram account with all of the pictures. For those of you who know Meg, you know she looooves the gram. I mean, let’s be honest…who doesn’t!? But Meg and I have a special love for it — it’s a way for us to tangibly share the beautiful things of Jesus with a bunch of cyber friends we probably won’t ever meet. Some think it’s silly but we love it. Anywho, I digress! SO, I set up a new insta account as a way to give her something that is literally right at her fingertips every second of every day — when she needs to remember how much she is loved, how sweet memories can feel, and how abundantly God has blessed her in her 25 years on earth. My favorite part about it all — she has no clue about the pictures and she won’t know until she reads this entire post! HA! Gotcha Meggy!!!

If you’re looking for something meaningful to do for your girlfriends on their brithdays, this is such a sweet and simple gift. Get the people they love and adore to write and remind them why they’re loved and adored back! Something about a handwritten, heartfelt note means more than any “thing” ever will.

To see the pictures that the girls shared, hop on over to Instagram and search for the profile @celebratingmegan.

Happy Birthday, Meg! Thanks for making the world brighter by simply living in it!

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