March Goals

Hey everyone! We’re checking in today to share our goals for this month and hopefully spur you on to create some goals of your own!  Together we really like to challenge each other to write out goals each month to help keep ourselves moving forward and on track in this busy and hectic life. This helps us keep each other accountable and really make the most of the month. Make some of your goals to rest, have fun, and spend time doing what you love this March and the harder ones won’t seem as hard to accomplish! So here we go with our goals this month:


Megan’s March Goals:

-Meal plan and eat at home!!!!! Ugh this one is huge for this month, Joe has been traveling for work a lot so we’ve gotten into a bad habit of eating out and not cooking at home, our budget and our bodies are feelin’ it 🙁 March will be better!
-Help Joe adjust to his new job at Waweza Movement! Joe officially starts as our non profit’s first full time employee March 1st! Its a big step and a big leap of faith for us so I’m sure we’ll be adjusting this month.
-Finish our kitchen renovations at our new house, keep following along our House Reno Series here for all house updates!
-Read one book (I’m thinking The Best Yes)
-Study the book of Esther in the bible

Melissa’s March Goals: 

-Continue meal planning — it has saved me SO much time and money meal prepping in the month of February, so I’m really wanting to stay on track with that this month!
-Work out each day. I am totally floored to share that I have literally worked out every single day in February, something I have NEVER been able to say before now. It has made me feel so much better and I have been so excited to see myself progress.
-Spring cleaning! I really want to like DEEP clean my condo and get it all fresh for spring!
-Pick up some extra hours at work to help pay for some SUPER fun upcoming trips that we have planned!
-Enhance my prayer life. I want to be rooted in intercession and I am trying to learn what that could potentially look like and the power it could have in in my life and hopefully in the kingdom!

What are your goals for the month!? We’d love to hear what you’ve got on the agenda! Whatever they are, know that we are behind you and we believe in you! Go get after it!!

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