Lorena Canals Rug Video / Megan’s New House Foyer Tour

Hey there! Today I’m coming at you sharing a company that makes machine-washable safe rugs. DID YA HEAR THAT?!?!??!?!?!?!??! Have you guys ever heard of anything SO awesome? I’ve had my entry way runner for a couple weeks now and with us going in and out so much moving stuff in / out it got dirty quick! I literally just threw it in the washer/dryer this morning and it looks BRAND NEW!!! I need one for every room in the house!! I’m also a bit of a germ freak (I guess being a nurse will do that to you!) SO I AM IN LOVE WITH THE FACT THAT I CAN PUT THIS RUG IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out all their styles here! I’ve also included a video tour of our foyer today!



I’ve also included a quick video of how easily and nicely these rugs clean up!