Wow. Wow. Woooow. We have no words to express how much FUN it was to FINALLY let the cat out of the bag. Aside from maybe 6 of our closest friends knowing, (4 of which being our parents), we kept the blog a secret until launch day. If you don’t believe in miracles, you should now. We still can’t believe we didn’t spill! (And shoutout to the tiny handful of you who knew! Thanks for keeping your lips sealed!) Anyway, we were GIDDY on Friday when we woke up. The day we had LITERALLY dreamed about for actual YEARS was here.


Because we were so excited, we planned to be together when we officially “went live” with our posts. We actually set up a timer on the camera to capture us both hitting the share button on Instagram. See, we are already turning into bloggers – capturing every detail of our days! After we squealed and hugged and jumped up and down for like 20 minutes, we decided it was time for some celebratory shopping at our one and only, Altar’d State. (Which, by the way, they are having their Semi-Annual Sale right now and we got EVERYTHING 50% off. Swoon.). We literally scoured the racks and tried on 5 million things before narrowing it down to our final purchases. Also, side note, a little nugget of favor from the Lord – we were parking and this random girl came up to us as we were about to pay and gave us her parking stub, which still had 3 hours left on it! So parking was FREE! It was like Jesus’ way of high fiving us and saying, ‘How fun is this?!’.

Purchasing our domain 7/1/14

Purchasing our domain — — end of summer 2014

Launch Gifts from Melissa to Megan

Launch Gifts from Melissa to Megan


After we practically ROBBED the entire store (seriously, get to their sale ASAP), we headed to down to OTR for our celebratory dinner. We had our hearts set on eating dinner at Bakersfield, and so that’s exactly what we did. We shared in festive drinks, the most divine chips and guac, and, hands down, the best tacos we have ever tasted. We talked about life and Jesus and the future and we laughed…a lot. It was so fun.

Celebratory drinks and tacos at Bakersfield

Finally, we came home full of joy and life and laughter. We literally kept looking at each other and saying, “I can’t believe this is our life!” We were so full of thankfulness. When we got back to Mel’s little home, sitting in the living room was a beautiful box wrapped in white and gold wrapping next to a big bag. Mel’s mom had dropped off a gift for us while we were out. It was a huge box full of all things white and gold. YES, YES, AND YES. We called to thank her, and she prompted us to look in the fridge. Sitting right in the middle was a pretty little bottle of bubbly with a gold bow. The cutest, most thoughtful gift ever! (But, if you know Jeanine Chaney, you know that she is insanely thoughtful and amazingly intentional).

Gift from Mrs. Chaney on our launch day

In addition to all of these sweet little details, we received some of the most precious, encouraging words from friends on Facebook and Instagram and all over the place. We knew we were excited about this new adventure, but to have the support and love of other people in the facet that we did was something we were not expecting at all.

So, to close this little recap, we simply want to say Thank you. Thanks for checking the site out, sending us a word of encouragement, or making us feel loved in some way or another. We are overwhelmingly thankful and exceedingly joyous.

The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.

Be sure to keep up with us this week, we have lots of fun stuff to share and we miiiight even be giving something away at the end of the week!? Stay tuned….