House Reno Series {Volume 3!}

Hi all! Checking in with a short house reno update today! It is short because we haven’t gotten that much accomplished lately. It isn’t that we haven’t been there working, we have it has just been slow moving projects.

Here’s what is new since I last blogged (if you missed it you can read House Reno Series Volume One here and House Reno Series Volume Twoo here!)

-Joe is still working on building the cabinets. The ones that he has already built he has painted with our paint sprayer and has the face plates painted as well! He has all the wood cut out for the doors too! We also just ordered our cabinet hardware online, so we’re making progress! I had wanted gold hardware but it was all so expensive, until I came across these gold knobs! JACKPOT! We spent less than $100 for all the hardware! I couldn’t find a drawer pull that I liked that matched so before I look for hours and hours I am going to see what it looks like to just have knobs on the doors and drawers..I’ll keep you posted!

ARTX9CyPrPutULpk.jpg yDKeUmis1R4HkmBq.jpg FullSizeRender 4


-The main project we’ve been working on is getting the kitchen floor down! Joe is tirelessly working on laying the tile. This is really taking a lot of our reno time right now. We went with a light gray tile — you can find the exact one we are using here.


FullSizeRender 5

-I painted the pantry area which we are also tiling and are going to hang new shelves.

-We replaced the fan in the small / nursery bedroom! Here is a before/after of the new fan! Sorry for the low photo quality here 🙁

-I finished taking down the wallpaper in the laundry room and primed and painted the walls in there! (YAY!) I also got the old washer and dryer (which broke :/) out of the laundry room and now we have to figure out what we are going to do with the floor in there. No pictures of this room yet but I’ll post pictures soon! I just used leftover paint from the master in this room so it is done in Behr Mountain Morn.

-Joe and I  re-glazed the tile in the bathroom and the tub in the bathroom, and GUYS IT LOOKS AMAZING. I actually just used this product to “paint” them but man it worked so well. I don’t have a lot of pictures of this because it takes 72 hours to dry completely so we haven’t been in there at all so we don’t mess it up.


-We got all the wood down off the dining room ceiling and now we are ready to either patch the plaster in here, put ship lap up, or figure what other ideas we have for this room’s ceiling!

-We replaced the house numbers on the front of the house! Here are the numbers we used! 

I think that is about it for the last week of working on the house! We’ve got more updates coming your way soon!

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