House Reno Series {Volume 2!}

Hey everyone! I’m checking in again today to share the progress of our house since the last House Reno post! If you missed the last post, catch up here!

So here’s what we’ve been busy with:

-Finished painting the trim, walls, radiator cover, and ceiling in the future baby’s room (cool your jets — if you missed it last time: WE AIN’T PREGGERS YET)..I’m really happy with the color here, I ended up loving Behr Rhino Gray.
Still needed in this room: change the pink butterfly ceiling fan out to a nicer and more neutral white fan, then this room is finished!

Here are the before pictures of the nursery and I only have one picture of the “after” but I will post more once I decorate / furnish in here.

Bebe Lewin Nursery

-Finished paining the master bedroom walls, radiator cover and trim. I also ended up just falling in love with this color, it is Behr Mountain Morn.
Still needed in this room: patch and paint the ceiling, put the trim back up on the walls, then this room will be finished!

Here are some of the before, during, after, still progressing pictures in the master! 


-Finished painting the guest bedroom (TWICE because I didn’t like the first white color I picked) and trim. This room is DONE reno wise! I’m so happy with the transformation on this room. It really looks so much brighter and happier from the dark trim and blah tan walls we started with! I can’t wait to have family and friends stay in this guest room!

Here are the before/after pictures in the guest bedroom!


-Changed the downstairs and upstairs light fixtures out! YAY! Here are the before and afters for that!! Just need to repaint those ceilings now.. :/


-Joe has been tirelessly working on the kitchen. We got all the old stuff thrown away which was a ton of work in and of itself. Joe got all the new drywall hung and taped in. We painted the walls and prepped the floor. Currently he is building the cabinets with my cousin Andy so he has also been spending a lot of time in the wood working shop getting those built! Thanks Andy! Below is one of the frames for one of the bottom cabinets. I don’t have have a lot of pictures of the actual kitchen right now because it doesn’t look that different but here are a few of the frames of the cabinets:

-ALMOST all the wallpaper is down off the laundry room walls — YAY! I think we are going to do shiplap in here to cover up the hack job I did on these walls trying to get the wallpaper off of them (which means I probably didn’t even need to rip the wallpaper down in the first place)…….Oh well! Here are the before pictures of the horrible laundry room and I’ll post some pretty updates on this room as it, well, gets pretty haha! Right now its just some dirty beat up walls, but it will be lovely soon!

-BIG project I’ve worked on these past couple weeks is getting the paint off the tile in the bathroom. We had planned on gutting the bathroom entirely and expanding it into part of the laundry room…BUT we couldn’t decide if we wanted to make one large bathroom or two medium sized ones. So until we can think it through we are just trying to update this bathroom on the cheeeeaaap side. Anyway, I digress. The previous owners PAINTED the tile sky blue with white feather paint. UGH IT WAS SOOOOO UGLY. Our sweet realtor (who also didn’t know or understand why they painted it) let us know that there was white tile underneath in pretty good shape. SO I found this citrus peel stuff at Home Depot and for less than $100 AND a lot of hours of work I got the paint all the way off. The off white tile is in okay shape but it looks WAY better. I also painted the horrifically light blue walls a nice toned down gray. The bathroom has a lot of way to go but its a big upgrade.

Here are the before, during, progress pictures on the bathroom, YIKES.

-Next up, we took down the drop ceiling in the dining room, it was so ugly and we were REALLLLLLLLY crossing our fingers that here was an antique tin or copper ceiling under that horrible drop ceiling…..but there wasn’t 🙁 it had a plaster ceiling underneath that we now have to patch and paint which isn’t too bad.

OEctBK1GYLkjB3eF.jpg GsV4lnLAZVWMaomV.jpg


Our goal for the next couple of weeks is to finish the kitchen. Joe is putting  the tile floor in TODAY! While I’m finishing painting the walls in there today, and we are painting the cabinets!

Until next time!

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