So some of you may or may not know that Joe and I bought our first house recently and we are starting some major renovations before we move in! I’m so excited to take you guys on our house reno journey!! I don’t actually know if anyone cares or wants to see but I’m excited to have a documented series from start to finish to look back on. We are on a pretty strict budget for our projects and will be doing a ton of it DIY so we hope you’ll follow along! I will be doing a post about every 2-3 weeks to get the full transformation!

We closed on the house February 1st and the first thing we did was take down the floor to ceiling wall paper in the master bedroom. It looked to be about 20-30 years old and mostly came off well. I used a mixture of equal parts hot water, vinegar, and fabric softener that I sponged on the walls and let it sit for about 2o minutes and then used a metal scrapper to get it off. The part that was so hard, though, was on the fireplace — the heat from the years of burning fires must have adhered the glue to the wall. Thanks to help from my sweet friends Hope & Adam we got it done though! Joe and I have also patched the walls and picked out a paint color! We went with Behr Mountain Morn and heres to hoping I’ll still love it when it is on the walls!

I also picked out a color for our (FUTURE//NOT CURRENTLY NEEDED) nursery and went with Behr Rhino Gray and white trim. This room before was a yellowy color which wasn’t terrible, BUT! the trim was LIME GREEN, YOU GUYS. LIME GREEN. And the ceiling had clouds and sky and stars painted on it (insert the emoji of the monkey covering it’s eyes here). Here are the before/during/after pictures of the future bebe’s room! I texted Mel when I was painting about how emotional I was painting this room. I don’t know…but something about the idea of Joe and my future little babe sleeping in this room and growing in this room just had me all misty! Also, I feel like I need to clarify again — WE ARE NOT PREGNANT! haha!

The second project we started immediately after closing was demolishing the current kitchen and drawing up plans for the brand new one… EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (insert me jumping and shouting for joy here!!!!) Joe has been the mastermind here in demo & design. He is amazing and he’s doing all the work himself! (INSERT MAJOR HEART EYES!) Here is what we have decided on: farmhouse sink, gray-ish cabinets, gray tile floor, white subway tile for backsplash, white walls, open shelving on two walls, and butcher block counter tops. So here are the before pictures on the kitchen and some demo shots!
IMG_0137 IMG_0139

IMG_0142 OCsy0SutdF6ikEXU.jpg pQGrOgSSfT5e3EP9.jpg lEZzDWZ6pxhigXHH.jpg

And there you have it! That is what we’ve been working on these past couple weeks! Stay tuned for our HOUSE RENO SERIES upcoming volumes to see the progress on #ourfirstlewinhome!

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