25 years ago on this very day our dear MEGAN was born and the world changed forever! (The best part about that sentence is that it’s true — I’m not even being cliche, a tiny little world-changer was brought to life on planet earth).


Because Megan is traveling the world today, we aren’t going to see each other…so her birthday post (where she gets her presents!) is being post-poned until next week! However, I did want to take a quick minute to express all that Megan means to me and to nearly every person she comes in contact with.

Meg, your spirit is contagious. You walk into a room and the mood shifts. You carry Jesus in a transparent casing where people don’t see you, but rather they see Jesus inside of you. You hold words of life and encouragement for everyone you meet and you don’t shy away from calling out the life-giving qualities you see in others when you meet them. You encompass class, poise, grace, and dignity in the motions of everyday life. You are carefree yet so incredibly detail oriented. You are a leader, an organizer, and a fiery, passionate woman who will stop at nothing to see God glorified. You are a creative genius and yet your authentic humility sits quietly under said creativity seeking no credit nor praise. Instead you give the credit to the Creator himself. You are an incredibly smart, wildly compassionate nurse and your hands are full of healing, hope, restoration, peace, and life. You make the most insignificant people feel so immensely significant. You radiate joy and life and laughter. You are a legitimate world changer — you see a need and instead of backing up out of fear of being too small to make a difference, you cling to Jesus and in your smallness rejoice in his immeasurable immensity to take over and do what you knew you couldn’t all along, but with confidence knew he could complete. You are mother to the motherless, lover of the orphan and widow, beautiful, lovely, and an absolute treasure in the eyes of Jesus. Most importantly, for me, you are my dearest friend, my person, the one who understands, speaks life over, sharpens, challenges, encourages, dreams with, laughs with, cries with, and follows Jesus along side me.

Waweza Wednesday

Today I am thanking God that 25 years ago, on May 8th, He already knew that this day would come 25 years later. He knew that He would create a friend for you just a few short months later, and that some 18 or 19 years down the road our paths would meet and our spirits would connect and our friendship would begin.


Thank you for being exactly who you are. You have enriched my life and the lives of so many others. I pray that this year you would know and love Jesus deeper. I pray that you would dream dreams and cast visions and watch the Lord’s faithfulness unfold through them. I pray for an abundance of laughter and joy. I pray for drive and favor. Most importantly I pray that every day would be tangible evidence of the abounding grace of God in your life.

Happy 25th birthday, little Tranna! I love ya more than words could ever say!

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