Follow February: our favorite Instagram accounts

As bloggers, and females in general, it seems like the stuff that people (including us) post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and really any facet of our “online life” can oftentimes skew the views that others have of our lives and that we have of theirs. Oftentimes content only shows the beauty, highlights, and seemingly perfect moments of peoples’ lives, making them seem distorted and unrealistic, and giving people a lopsided and tilted view of their world and their reality. A view that, for everyone else looking on, causes comparison and feelings of inadequacy. We have this tendency to place our own messes right up next to the filtered and pretty highlights of someone else’s life and are left feeling less than and disappointed, jealous and annoyed. Like, does anybody else ever feel like that!?

Follow February

BUT we can all change this together. We believe that by capturing and displaying the beauty in our lives and in the world God created for us, we are better able to appreciate the everyday, otherwise missed, surrounding beauty. Finding joy in the midst of the mess, moments worthy of sharing in the midst of our chaos, are perfect ways to open our eyes to see glimpses of light in the surrounding darkness. Because, you see, everybody doesn’t have to know that preceding a beautifully styled morning cup of coffee was a harsh response to a loved one or a melt down from a toddler or an overflowing toilet. Instead, we are choosing to see the grace and joy in that cup of coffee, and that is beautiful. Because listen — we are all on the same team. We are all human. We all have chaos and dilemma and frustration. But sharing that stuff just isn’t uplifting. It’s not encouraging. And if you ask us, it kind of bums people out. What it comes down to is this — God is the creator of all the good things. He is the maker of all the beautiful things. And by posting these things, we can glorify him in the every day, mundane routines of life.

So, with that being said, we want to share 10 of our favorite Instagram accounts with you; accounts that inspire, uplift, and glorify God. (Well, except for one. One is just a random, hilarious account to make you laugh — because laughter is a legitimate treasure from the Lord. You’ll know which one we are talking about as soon as you click it). These accounts consistently leave us feeling inspired and drawn to the beautiful things of Jesus. And when you’re checking these accounts out, go easy on yourself. No comparison. No shame. No “I’m not good enough” attitudes. Saaaaame team, remember?! And, for what it’s worth, we think you’re doing pretty good at this whole ‘life’ thing, anyway!

 He has made everything beautiful in his time -Ecclesiastes 3:11



Jess Connolly of Nap Time Diaries
Heather Beerman of Garland of Grace
Shay Shull of Mix and Match Mama
Jenny Keller of Jenny’s Cookies
Keary Cheney of Grace and Salt
Bri Emery of Design Love Fest
Lesley Murphy of The Road Les Traveled
Altar’d State of Altar’d State
Bros being Basic of Bros Being Basic (Just for funzies – we promise this will make you laugh!)

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