Fixer-Upper: Shelf Edition

For the start of our new little “fixer-upper” series, we’re giving you simple tips to spruce up that shelf that always seems to have too much or not enough on it. We figured by starting with a blank shelf, our series can only get better from here!


In our opinion, flowers are the easiest way to make something look fresh and new, and a super easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain space. As you can see there’s not a lot to what we did — we threw some hot pink tulips in a vase, got a cute candle, and took a decoration from somewhere else in the house that doesn’t get much face time, and sat it right up there next to the other stuff. And bam — facelift!

Even if you don’t have a bare shelf that needs love, it’s still fun to change up your decorations — without even buying anything new! Just take things you already have and mix and match them in new spaces until you like what you see! Simple, easy, FREE. What’s not to love?!

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