Everyday, Every Morning, Every Moment

Remember the Give Me Jesus Journal that we shared (and gave away!) in March?! Have you bought yours yet?! If not, you need to hop on over to Gretchen’s store and get your hands on one ASAP. Anyway, in keeping with the theme of how much we adore the work of Life Lived Beautifully, we are so excited to share with you a study we have started together on the book of Ruth. Gretchen Saffles, the founder of LLB, created this study for women as a way to open their eyes to God’s unending, overflowing grace in our lives. Listen, girls. We did day one and were absolutely floored by what we learned through just 3 simple verses. This woman knows Jesus, loves Jesus, and shares Jesus in such raw and beautiful ways that have blessed our lives and our walks with Jesus in ways we didn’t realize were possible.


In the intro to the devotional, there is a letter to the reader and in the letter she says one of the most beautiful sentences in the most beautiful way and we have both chosen to cling to its truth since the moment we read it. The sentence says this:

“The gospel is beautiful everyday, His mercies are new every morning, and His grace is fresh every moment.”


And this sentence is what we want to rest on today. We want to share our hearts as to what it has meant and taught us in the past few weeks. The gospel is all things to all people all the time. In the darkest moments of the day, Jesus faithfully remains on the throne of our hearts and the powerful truth of the gospel continually defines our being. Every morning our sinful hearts require the steadfast mercy that Jesus so graciously offers. In this we must make it our own heart’s choice to extend the same mercies to those around us. Even when it’s hard, even when it doesn’t feel good, we can transform ourselves to look more like the man Jesus simply by practicing mercy. Every moment the unwavering grace of God is fresh. Because we walk in intimate relationship with Jesus, we have the great privilege and honor to relish in that grace. When we slip up, His grace is fresh. When we grumble, His grace is fresh. When we fall short, His grace is fresh. For the both of us, we are feeling the extra grace in the area of watching our words. We have intentionally been trying to keep one another accountable with these three simple questions: is it kind? is it true? is it necessary? And while we continue to learn and grow, we continue to fall short at times. BUT GOD. The freshness and nearness of His sweet grace is our stronghold. And for these things we are ever grateful.

Praying and believing with you ladies today that this truth would settle its way into your hearts and never leave. May the grace of Jesus wrap around every detail of your beautiful life.

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