Everyday Affairs

Hello, friends! Our Everyday Affairs have been lots of fun the past few days. The two of us have been doing life in seperate states this past weekend and this week.. (we totally sound like a married couple, but lo and behold Megan actually has a husband that she hangs out with, too 😉 haha!) but both of us still had fun filled weekends!

So let’s recap these pictures! At the end of last week, a few of us had dinner together and enjoyed the gorgeous weather at the park near Megan’s house playing Kan Jam — a summer favorite of ours! Then, Megan and Joe ventured off to Miami for Meg’s 25th BIRTHDAY (May 8 is the big day), on Friday to relax and hang out with Joe’s grandma at her lovely little retirement village, and then sailed off to the beautiful Bahamas yesterday to celebrate the big birthday! Some of her pretty snaps of their weekend on the beach above. Mel’s weekend started out with her cousin’s wedding (see the seating chart sign she hand lettered below..because all the pictures with the pretty bride were dark! boo!). Saturday was our dear friend Colin’s bonfire which was a blast (sorry about the grainy picture!) Colin had his hip replaced yesterday so it was kind of like his final ‘Hoorah’ before being stuck in a bed recovering! We absolutely adore this guy and are asking you guys to pray him up for a fast and speedy recovery! Sunday morning was church where Mel sang on worship team and then the day was spent basking in the pretty sunshine and laughing with good friends. Sunday night was one of our favorite friend, Cody’s, 25th birthday fiesta! Look at that adorable couple! They are just as much fun as they look and we love him and his stunningly beautiful wife, Alexia, so much! The weekend ended with an impromptu “teach us how to hand-letter” session in Mel’s living room. The results were both impressively beautiful and completely hilarious.

We are so grateful for this season of life and the everyday affairs that come with it!
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