Everyday Affairs: Trip to Madison, IN

Last Wednesday a few of our friends planned a little day trip to Clifty Falls in Madison, IN to go hiking. When they asked us to join we were on the fence a little bit — Mel was working until 7am that morning so she wouldn’t get to sleep at all and Meg had a bunch of stuff she wanted to get done that day. Plus, we had planned to blog that afternoon. The problem was that we just adored the people that were going so it was a toss up. But, we came to a solid decision that we would pass. That is until Tuesday night, by the coaxing of one of our friends, we were talked into going with them and just staying in town to blog while they all hiked. After Google imaging some pictures of the town, we were sold. This place looked adorable and neither of us had ever been.

Everyday Affairs - Avenue 126 takes Madison, IN

So Wednesday morning we loaded up and headed to Madison! The day began with a (slightly out of the way but very necessary) trip to Starbucks and an hour and a half later we were there. Madison is the perfect distance to make you feel like you are taking a road trip out of Cincy, while only arriving an hour later! We started our morning out at the Madison Coffee and Tea Co., an adorable little coffee shop with yummy teas and coffees (duh). After all of our adventurous mountain men and women left for the falls, we decided to stroll around and see what this cute little town had to offer. We took about 2 steps out the door and were instantly in love. We window shopped, took lots of fun pictures, strolled through the little surrounding neighborhoods, dreamed of what it would be like to live there, met some precious local shop owners, laughed a lot, ate homemade chocolate, talked about Jesus, and, obviously, bought a few goodies. It was so.much.fun. We ended our little adventure with lunch at a local pizza joint and headed home.

We are so excited to go back and seek out more of Madison’s little gold nuggets, but it’s safe to say our first time there was a success! If you’ve ever been, let us know your favorite spots so we can try them out next time we go! And if you’re planning to go you just have to stop at a few of our new favorite little places — Ditto’s on Main, All Good Things Natural Soaps + Such, Cocoa Safari Chocolates, Galena Garlic Co., Sweet P’s Bakery, The Red Pepperoni, and (obviously) Madison Coffee + Tea Co.

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