Everyday Affairs

Life lately has been full of lots of excitement! While Megan is in Kenya loving on the babies and making sure all of Waweza’s ducks are in a row, Melissa has been keeping busy here at home — hanging out with friends, working lots, and becoming an aunt to the world’s sweetest, most adorable little human.

Now that the team is gone in Kenya, Meg and Joe have been able to spend time with the littles as a family (of 40+ ha!) and do normal day to day things. There’s been lots of jump roping, snuggling, laughing, go-fish playing, and more! Also, one day last week they went back to the Kakamega School for the Deaf to film and get footage to bring back and share with everyone when they return home. They also took a day to take our kids down to the deaf school to play with the kids there. Megan wrote a post explaining the happenings of the day and how beautiful it all was on her Facebook and instagram pages– @meganeolewin — you should hop over and read it! So very powerful and so so sweet.

As for me (Mel), life has been a little more all over the place. Besides the boring old work thing, lots of good stuff has been going on. I’ve spent a good amount of hours at the pool, hanging with Jesus, and hand-lettering in my spare time. Last week my sweet friend Anna left for Haiti to meet up with her little brother, Adam. They are there sharing Jesus and loving the people there until tomorrow. I grabbed lunch with them before Adam took off a few weeks ago. Last weekend a few of my other world-traveler friends came home from their trip to Kenya. I loooved getting to snatch them from the airport and hear them talk about a place that I love so dearly. Not to mention how good it was to laugh — like really laugh — with them again. The next day  I got to go with 2 other work girls to the 1st birthday party of one very special little boy that we had the privilege of getting to see grow from a tiny 2-ish lbs up to a big healthy 1 year old. His mommy out-did herself with all of the cute decorations and we loved getting to snuggle him for a little while. Every 3rd Saturday of the month our city hosts a flea market that I absolutely LOVE so this past weekend I spent the morning there with my friend Hope. And probably the MOST EXCITING news I get to share is that last week I became an aunt to an itty-bitty, perfect-in-every-way, beautiful baby girl. My rockstar sister-in-law labored for over 24 hours and brought this little human into the world alongside my beaming big brother late Tuesday night. I’ve heard it said over and over again, but I never fully understood until I met my little niece — the love that one little person can bring into a family is absolutely wild. Our family is completely in love with every perfect feature she has. My parents are first time grandparents and they are the literal cutest. My other brother is a first time uncle and even he is wrapped! I love it. And of course, this auntie is absolutely over the moon for this little girl. I can’t wait to watch her grow.

So that’s what we’ve been up to. To follow our everyday affairs on instagram, click the links on our sidebar. Megan at @meganeolewin and Melissa at @melissa_chaney.


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