Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Canvas

Okay, so this week is Valentine’s and we wanted to post a cute little craft that you can do in under 20 minutes — and you don’t have to be suuuuper artsy-fartsy to do it either! It’s a cute little something you can have in your house to remind you to celebrate love! Also, we’ve decided this Valentine’s Day you don’t have to have a boyfriend or a finance or a husband to celebrate…everyone has someone they love in their life, so this year, we choose to simply celebrate love.  Okay, now onto the craft.

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Canvas - Avenue 126

Here’s what you need:

-Cute Love Song Valentine Playlist 😉
-Acrylic paints (1-4 colors)
-Gold Sharpie
-Paint Brushes
-Brown Paper (optional — we used the brown paper to cover our desk so we didn’t make a big mess and when we were finished we just folded it up and threw it away – HELLO NO MESS.)

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Canvas - Avenue 126 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Canvas - Avenue 126

Here’s how you do it:
Get yourself a canvas and some paint at your nearest craft and hobby store. We used a square 12×12 canvas in white but you can use any size/shape canvas you want! We used gold, red, white, and pink(s) acrylic paints, because Valentine’s, duh!
Start by painting your heart, which we did in red. Don’t worry if the heart is an awkward shape at first, this is simply to mark it’s general place. Then you can go back and shape it up. That’s the beauty of paint…you just keep touching it up until it’s exactly how you want. Next, take your sharpie to mark your stripe (or stripes!), then fill in with gold paint. After filling in our stripe, we used the circular sponge brushes to make some cute little polka dots in our two pink shades and in gold. If you can’t find these brushes at the craft store, you can always free hand them. Dots are whimsical and never perfect anyway. Last, we took white paint and wrote ‘love’ inside the heart. Same thing as the dots…just free-hand it and make it loose and whimsy! For a final little touch, we added tiny white dots around the edge of the heart, and voila!

That’s it, unless you want to add more which you totally can do! We think it would be so fun if you guys took some inspiration from our canvas and put your own spin on a Valentine’s Day canvas — we’re thinking bold gold stripes, or all gold polka dots, maybe place your heart directly in the center instead of off to the side, or no heart at all, etc etc etc! Feel free to do exactly as we did or do it up your own way! Just make sure you turn the love songs up loud and have fun with it!

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Canvas - Avenue 126

Sending you all our love this week and always!

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