DIY Spray Paint Magnets

Looking for something easy and fun to do today?! Look no further! We made these easy little gold magnets in all of about 3 minutes. So simple, no mess, and a fun way to spruce up your fridge! Plus who is loving the gold trend right now? We soooo love it.


All you’ll need is

  • (1) box of alphabet magnets (or really any magnets)
  • (1) can gold spray paint (or whatever color you want)


How to do it:

Lay magnets flat on a surface that you don’t mind ruining. We used a roll of brown paper. Next, spray your letters, being sure to coat the sides and insides of the magnets to avoid color showing through. Let dry, and voila!



Aren’t they cute!? And please don’t mind the fingerprints on the fridge. Mel actually lives here and uses the fridge sometimes…oops. But really, it doesn’t get much easier than that! If you have kids, this is a perfect rainy/snowy day project! What a fun little way to brighten up your day!

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