DIY Glitter Spoons

Glitter makes everything better. Literally everything.

Listen, ladies. This might be the easiest project you ever do. Ever. It took maybe 10 minutes and both of us were squealing like little schoolgirls as we pulled the tape off to reveal our final product. These are too much fun not to do!

Grab your girlfriends and some glitter, and start adding sparkle to your ordinary kitchen supplies!

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DIY Glitter Spoon Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:


Before starting, we recommend doing this project on a large surface that can easily be cleared off in order to promote a quick clean-up – because while glitter makes life better, it also makes life a bit messier. We used a large white poster board to tackle this task.

Now, onto the craft! Eeeeee!! We are so excited!

Ok, begin by taping off your spoons at your desired height. We used washi tape because it just adds cuteness, but scotch tape or masking tape would work just fine. Be sure to fold over a little tab on your tape so you’re not scraping glitter off when you go to remove the tape. Next, open your mod podge and begin painting the surface of the spoon below the tape. It’s okay if a little gets on the tape – this will ensure a nice, crisp line of glitter when you remove it. Don’t forget to get the bottom, too! Last, sprinkle a generous amount of glitter on the mod-podged surface. Finally, remove your tape and let sit. If you want, you could tie a little twine around the spoon and give it as a gift, or, like us, you can just display them in your kitchen and smile every time you see them sparkling on your counter.

You can’t even pretend those are not adorable!! Are we right!? Yeah, we are.

Aren't they just lovely sitting in Megan's kitchen?!


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