DIY Color Blocked Gold Mugs

You’ve heard it said… All that glitters is not gold. Buzz. Kill.

But we’re starting a new saying, it goes like this: A lot of stuff that glitters is gold. Amen. Hallelujah. (Maybe don’t ponder that statement too hard because we’re still trying to figure out if it makes sense…but we like how it sounds.)

Anyway, we’ve got something for you today that 1) glitters, and 2) is gold. BOOMBABE!

DIY Color Blocked Gold Mugs

We were totally smitten when we came across these DIY gold spraypaint mugs on Pinterest, and while we love to make up our own crafts, we had to share in the goodness that Heather from Garland of Grace was spreading.

So, we took to the dollar store to gather our supplies. You heard us right, we hit up our local DEAL$ store and we laughed the whole entire time we were in there. Because we literally could not navigate our way through the maybe 10 aisles that made up that store. But alas, we found the white mugs we had set out for. And they were ONE DOLL HAIR. And you know that you know that we know that A DOLLA MAKE US HOLLA!  So, we bought four. And then we saw this cute little plate next to them for ONE DOLL HAIR also.  So, little plate, consider yourself purchased. We walked out of that store feeling like we just took candy from a baby. Four mugs and a plate for FIVE DOLLARS. Yes, Lawd!

We grabbed some gold spray paint and a clear sealant to go over top from Michael’s and headed for our creative headquarters. (Just kidding, we simply went back to Mel’s. hehehe).

So to recap, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mug(s)
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Crystal Clear top coat/sealant
  • Masking tape
  • Tin Foil

And here’s what you do:

Begin by deciding what sort of shape or color block you’re going for. Tape off that section with your masking tape, careful to keep your lines straight and avoid air bubbles. Run your finger along the edge to ensure the tape is pressed down – you don’t want any spray paint getting under that crisp line of yours. Tape up the rest of the mug and cover with aluminum foil to avoid spray paint going inside your mug. Remember to cover every last bit of the surface unless you want the spray paint to touch it. Then, apply your gold (or whatever color you chose) spray paint. We only did one coat but you could do as many as you prefer. Let the mug(s) sit for about 15-20 minutes, then spray with your clear coat to seal it all in. Allow that to dry for 15-20 more minutes. Then, peel your tape off…and voila! GLITTER. GOLD. ADORABLENESS. We did the exact same thing with the plate, and it turned out to be just as adorable as the mugs.

DIY Color Blocked Gold Mugs

We want to see yours! Share in the comments what you plan to color block…and when you’re finished, show us your pictures!!

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