DIY Color Blocked Gift Bags

Okay, we have the cutest little gift bag DIY for you guys today!

Avenue 126 DIY Color blocked gift bags

We have always had a thing for plain brown paper anything (if you haven’t figured that out by now). So, it’s no surprise that we love using plain brown gift bags when we have a special occasion. It just looks so simple and lovely and it makes adding tissue paper so easy because any color you choose will look good!

Avenue 126 DIY Color blocked gift bags

HOWEVER, we have semi-recently become obsessed with color-blocked everything. So of course, when we saw our paint and our bags sitting in our craft bin together, we knew it was time to officiate the marriage of two of our favorite things…thus these stupidly adorable color-blocked gift bags. OH. MA. GA. We’re obsessed. Also worth obsessing over is the fact that this literally took us about 10 minutes total to make and it adds SO much to the bag. We promise, you cannot possibly mess this up. Actually, we did mess one up because we let the tape sit too long…and we FIXED it in one brush stroke. For real. ONE. (see picture below). These are so fun because they’re so versatile. You can choose any color and any color-block pattern and make them look perfect!

So! Here’s what you’ll need:

-Brown Paper Bags (any size)
-Masking Tape
-Sponge paint brushes
-Acrylic Paint
-Brown Paper (optional — we use brown paper a lot as our paint surface for easy cleanup!)

Avenue 126 DIY Color blocked gift bags

And here’s how you do it:

Start by taping off the bags in their color-block pattern. You can color block yours exactly as we did or you can get creative and block them how ever you want! Next, paint in your block and remove your tape. Allow to dry for a few minutes, AND. THAT. IS. IT. SOO EASY. Also, as mentioned above, we messed one of them up because we put the tape on too early. So, our advice is to do these one at a time. Tape, paint, remove, repeat. That way you aren’t ripping part of the bag off.


Aren’t they so fun!? Your gift is sure to shine at your next party with these!!

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