DIY Bath Fizzies

It’s time to treat yo’self, ladies! Here at Avenue 126 we are firm believers in looking out for and taking care of you. Our female brains are so wired to organize and plan and think ahead to the next thing and the thing after that and the thing after that and before you know it days have passed and a big red monster has taken up residency on your face and you are binge-eating oreos because your stress level has completely maxed out. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The Lord desires for us to take time to delight in the life He has given us, the season He is walking us through, and the blessings he is daily singing over us. So it’s time. Put your planner away, stop thinking about work or school or your kid’s practices or whatever it is that’s consuming your mind, and think about you for a hot second. What do you do to de-stress? How can you treat yourself right now?

DIY bath fizzies

For us, there is just something about a steamed up mirror, the scent of lavender dancing on your nose, a sweet melody playing in the background, and a tub of warm, fizzy water to relax in. Every girl loves a good bath, are we right?!

Every year we go with a few of our girlfriends to Chicago for a weekend girls trip and we have made it a tradition to spend a morning strolling through Wicker Park, window shopping. Except for when we reach Lush. Window shopping always, always, always stops at Lush, because a girl’s gotta treat. her. self. Amen and amen. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re missing out. Check out their stuff here. Anyway, we typically always walk out with some sort of Bath Bomb and they never fail to disappoint. Sometimes, however, you’re not in Chicago and you don’t have a Lush nearby, but you’re in need of a good, ol’fashion fizzy bath…that’s where we step in. These are SO easy and fun to make!

Here’s what you will need to create your very own Bath Fizzy:

  • (1) large mixing bowl
  • (1) cup baking soda
  • (½) cup citric acid 
  • (1 to 3) tsp essential oil – we used lavender
  • (1) small spray bottle of witch hazel
  • (½) cup epsom salt


Put all dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Mix. At this point, begin to spray the mixture with your spritzer of witch hazel, until it forms clumps in your hands. Place small handfuls into a muffin pan or whatever mold you choose. We used silicone cupcake liners. Pack the mixture down into the mold and let sit for 10 minutes. We found that a couple extra minutes wouldn’t hurt. Once the time is up, flip the mold out onto a flat surface (you might need to give it a little love tap to get it out).  Once all molds are out, let sit for another 4-8 hours. Store in an airtight container, and use when you need a few moments of “me time.”

Set your timer and wait for 10 minutes or so

And ta-da! Allow them to sit for 4-8 hours to completely dry, aren't they adorable?!

These also make wonderful gifts for the ladies in your life! We are thinking a cute little jar with some ribbon and a sweet, hand-written letter would be sure to make somebody smile!

So there you have it, girls! A simple avenue to some much needed moments of relaxation and refreshment!

Let us know how you are treating yourself!