December Goals

Hey everyone! We’re checking in today to share our goals for this month and hopefully spur you on to create some goals of your own!  Together we really like to challenge each other to write out goals each month to help keep ourselves moving forward and on track in this busy and hectic life. This helps us keep each other accountable and really make the most of the month. Make some of your goals to rest, have fun, and spend time doing what you love this December and the harder ones won’t seem as hard to accomplish! So here we go with our goals this month:

Megan’s December Goals:
-Celebrate Christmas activities with my family, I really hope to make time to do the Festival of Lights, Christmas movie night, ice skating, and drive around to look at lights!
-Start/finish my Christmas shopping (Whoops November goal!)
-Finish my BSN degree
-Stay on budget for Christmas and the December budget in general
-Meal plan each week & eat out much less
-Memorize 5 scriptures
-Close on our house!! (DETAILS COMING!)

Melissa’s December Goals: 
-Finish Christmas Shopping (I know right — didn’t make this happen yet!)
-Continue with Sunday night meal planning for the week
-Spend time daily reading my NTD Advent devo and really enjoying this season for what it’s about
-Pack all supplies for Kenya!
-Enjoy Christmas-y traditions with my family & friends

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So there you have it! As you can see, some of our goals are simple and others are more in depth. We really want to encourage you to write down some December goals! The New Year is going to come in like a freight train so let’s finish this year strong!

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