Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap!

Oh. My. GOSH. WOW. Where do we even begin!? For those of you that know us, you know we are AVID and OBSESSIVE Dancing With the Stars fans and we watch the show religiously each season. And with NO SHAME. We seriously love it. SO, when we found out some of the cast was going to be touring this year and coming through Cincinnati and Indy, we knew we would be in attendance at one of the two shows — and now we’re regretting not buying tickets for BOTH. Ahhhh!

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

We decided to buy the tickets for the Indy show because we found slightly better seats, plus a little road trip is always a good idea. So we bought 3, one for each of us and one for Megan’s little sister, Molly. Megan surprised her Christmas and made her think we were going to the Cincy show, then told her the night before to pack a bag and be ready the next morning! SO FUN.

So, Wednesday arrives and we are all 3 LITERALLY geeking out. The day we had been counting down to was actually here! We left around noon and obviously made a pit stop half-way at Starbucks. Because what’s a road trip without the pretty green mermaid?

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

Once we arrived in the city, we found our hotel and then decided to kill some time by checking out the theater. When we pulled up, they already had the DWTS sign up in lights, so we hopped out for a quick picture. AND THEN. WE SAW. THE TOUR BUSES. insert us fan-girling so hard. We decided to pull around and park the car just to see if we could see any of the pros, and as we were driving to our parking (creeping) spot, none other than Keo Motsepe walks out. Without even thinking, Mel rolls her window down and screams “KEEEEOOO!” And he WAVES. And we SCREAM. Hahahah are you picturing this!? Because, in hindsight, it was hilarious. So any who, we park the car and wig out every time we see the door to the tour bus open. We ended up seeing Emma, Dylan, Paul, and Mark walk out. Meanwhile the security guard who has literally been eyeing us this entire time finally approaches the car and tells us we are welcome to sit there but no soliciting the “talent” for autographs or photos. We assured him, “Oh we weren’t planning on doing that! We are just watching.” Because we totally were planning on doing that. Until he rained on our parade. (We were actually about to use Molly as bait, because what famous person would deny an adorable 11 year old girl? Plus it would have been less frowned upon than the two 24 year olds doing it). But still — SO fun seeing them all in person, and super crazy, too. What’s even weirder is that they’re actually just humans like us. CRAY.

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap


KEO !! Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap


Mark Ballas - Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

Mark Ballas

Ok, moving on. We head back to the hotel for some down time before we need to get ready. Oh yeah! We forgot to mention that — we booked a hotel so we didn’t have to drive back after the show. How fun is that?! So fun. Anyway. We walk into our GORGEOUS hotel, Le Meridian, and ooh and ahh over the ginormous bathroom and the remote control BLINDS. Get out of town. We felt so fancy…you already know. Then we all snuggle in for an episode of New Girl (duh) before getting ourselves all pretty for the show.

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap IMG_1033 Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

Around 5 we headed to dinner at this incredibly yummy, super trendy little pizza joint a block from our hotel. It’s called Napolese, and if you’re ever in downtown Indy, do yourself a favor and eat here. YUM.TOWN. After dinner, we run back to the hotel for a hot second, and then head to the theater. GEEEEEKING OUT. (Then Mel panics because she lost her credit card, but later finds it at the restaurant. phew. Just more hilarity to add to the day.)

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

And FINALLY, it’s showtime! Actually it’s only 6:30 and we are already at the theater (an hour early) because we were so flipping excited! We head in and find our (amazinggg) seats and wait for the show to begin.

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

Alfonso Ribeiro, the season 19 winner, kicked the show off with his parter Witney Carson with their jazz routine, also known as their Carlton routine. And it totally set the energy level for the entire night. At intermission, the fan-girling continued when we realized Mel’s pre-show Instagram picture was reposted by @dwtsliveontour (the official Instagram account of the DWTS tour…umm HOLLAAA!)

Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

The rest of the night was filled with STUNNING performances by the pros as well as the greatest hosting job ever by Alfonso. (Maybe (probably) Erin Andrews could (should) hand her mic over to him for the rest of time..Tom and Alfonso. OMG. Can you imagine? Brilliant). We’re pretty sure there was not a single performance that we weren’t smiling and screaming through. Everything was INCREDIBLE. We don’t even know how to adequately express just how insanely perfect it was. Not only was there amazing dancing, but we also heard Mark Ballas and Dylan do an original song, plus Val played some violin (SWOON), and they also had a little Q+A with the cast which was super fun! Everyone seemed so genuine and so thankful to be there, and it made the audience feel like part of their little DWTS family. There simply aren’t enough good things to say. The night ended on a MAJOR high with Alfonso and Witney’s trio dance to Turn Down for What and that transitioned into the finale, Fireball, where the rest of the cast joined them. ABSOLUTE MADNESS. SO MUCH FUN. We can’t even form full sentences because we are so excited.

IMG_0569 Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap Dancing With the Stars Live Tour Recap

And here we are, in our hotel room, STILL — STIIILLLLL — fan-girling over what we just experienced. Unfortunately Cincy’s tickets are all sold out because we would have totally purchased them before we even left the theater tonight. We are, however, looking into some of these random cities in Ohio and Indiana that they still have performances in. It was that good, you guys. THAT STINKING GOOD.

Phew! What a FUN life the Lord let’s us have. He just knows the little things that make our hearts beat fast and He loves to give them to us! And we are so thankful! Remember our little bucket list post? We’re getting started early knocking “seeing a show/concert” off the list!

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for our GIVEAWAY! Yay! Launch week has been so much fun!

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