CORA: when menstruation meets ministry

Did the title of this blog weird you out? Probably. Because we live in a world that kind of shames women for having periods. We know.. the concept of that last sentence makes no sense because it’s a normal, natural thing…but it freaks people out. HOWEVER! We are coming at you today to share a product that we found and believe in and we want you to know about it!

Cora is a company dedicated to globally empowering women and girls as they go through life’s normal routines; specifically, their periods. One of the founders of Cora decided enough was enough after traveling all over the world and watching women in crisis when they got their periods. Poor women around the world were resorting to the craziest, dirtiest resources to try and manage their cycles each month and Molly (one of the founders) decided there had to be a better way. On the flip side of this, the founders of Cora became increasingly concerned with what women were putting into their bodies each month when they used tampons manufactured here in the US. As a woman, it is only fair that we treat our bodies well and that we use products that are safe for us. Enter, Cora.


So here’s the deal. Cora has created safe, healthy tampons for women that, when purchased, impact,empower and employ women all over the world. How? Check this out (from their website).Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.55.19 PM

We cannot say enough good things about the cause, purpose, and vision of this company. We fully believe in taking something you’re passionate about and using it to empower other people and that is exactly what they are doing. Not to mention, when you buy their products you are also choosing a safe, healthy product for your own body. Something else we love  — they package their tampons in a way that doesn’t scream “Hey everyone, I’m carrying a tampon!” but instead they value creating a normalcy so as to make women feel more comfortable when it’s “that time of the month.” You can read more about their products and their amazing vision on their website and ALSO they are giving all of our readers $5 off your first order by using code CORA5AVENUE126.

For more information and to see all the amazing things they are doing you can go to their site as well as keep up with them on social media @corawomen or look up the hashtag #fearlessperiod.

We are so honored to have gotten the opportunity to partner with a company that is not only changing lives of women here around us, but globally as well!