Chocolate Dipped Nillas

While we’re all for baking cookies from scratch, sometimes you just need to buy pre-made cookies. Are we right? And sometimes you don’t have time for all the shenanigans of scratch baking when you’ve got 400 other places to be and things to do. Enter, vanilla wafers.

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Wafers

Who doesn’t like vanilla wafers? I mean they’re like the universal cookie of humans. (That’s not an official statistic from the universal statistic people, but it’s definitely an official Avenue 126 statistic.) Think about it: moms carry them in their diaper bags for their gummy little babes, kids take them for a treat in their school lunches, adults enjoy them with coffee, and old people…oh yes. Old people just eat ‘em right up. [Pun intended].

So, as part of the human race, we fall under that statistic, therefore we also love us some Nillas. Thank ya, Lord. And while we could pop a handful of them into our mouths and be perfectly satisfied, some days you just need a little bit more.

Thus, chocolate dipped Nillas were born into our brains. And our hearts. Because we love them now. So cute. So tasty. So dang simple.

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Wafers

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Box of Vanilla Wafers
  • Melting Chocolate
  • Sprinkles (optional)

And here’s how you do it:

Line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. Next melt your chocolate per the instructions on the bag. We used our favorite – Wilton Candy Melts from Michaels. Finally, dip your nillas. We only dipped half, but if your inner chocolate man is screaming for more, dunk the whole thing – we aren’t judging you! Once you’ve dipped (or dunked), place them on your baking sheet. You can adorn them with some little sprinkles if you want, or just leave them. We did a few with sprinkles and a few without. Both tastes are the bomb diggitay. While you let them dry, grab yourself a cold glass of milk, and maybe sneak a few almost-dry cookies. Then, put the rest of the nillas in a container and hide them from your entire family and all your friends. Trust us, you will want them all to yourself.

Also, a fair warning about these: they have a way of making you want “just one more.” You’ll just keep popping them in your mouth, and before you know it, “just one more” to turn into just one left. So eat at your own risk…they are addicting.



Happy dipping, dunking, and popping, friends!

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