Val Marie Paper


We are so excited to have gotten the opportunity to team up with Valerie Woerner of Val Marie Paper to create product video for her newest line! If you aren’t familiar with her stuff you totally need to be! She is the creator of a ton of beautiful paper products — journals, prints, books, and […]

Jambo From KENYA!


Jambo (hello) from Kenya! After a horrendously stressful 3 day trip full of bumps in the road, our team finally arrived in Kenya on Saturday — and only a few hours behind our scheduled time (MIRACLE!!!). It seems like every time I get off the plane in Kenya it gets sweeter. This place is home […]



Real talk for a minute? I have a lot of issues with fear. I am constantly battling thoughts of  the ‘what if’s, the possibilities of impending tragedy, and I often have to fight thoughts of worry. I absolutely trust to the core of who I am that God is good by nature and faithful because […]

Our #InfluenceConf Recap!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.34.40 AM

Ok — you might want to grab a cup of coffee for this post…because it might be a little lengthy! But worth it! This past weekend was a whirlwind of beauty, inspiration, mess, read-your-mail, dig deeper, get weirder, pursue harder, meet new friends, spur each other on, authenticity, Kingdom-come, love-Jesus-more type stuff. (That sentence is so […]

Psalm 145


These verses have been rolling around in our heads for the last week and we wanted to share it with you! They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds, and I will declare your greatness.   They shall pour forth the fame of your abundant goodness and shall sing aloud of your righteousness.  The Lord is sgracious and […]

Everyday Affairs

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Life lately has been full of lots of excitement! While Megan is in Kenya loving on the babies and making sure all of Waweza’s ducks are in a row, Melissa has been keeping busy here at home — hanging out with friends, working lots, and becoming an aunt to the world’s sweetest, most adorable little […]

Hello From Kenya! {update 3}

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Hello again from across the world in Kenya! I’m going to jump right into today’s blog! Last week we went on a two day safari to Masai Mara, which is a very large game park about seven hours from where we live here in Kakamega. We went on safari for the first time last year […]

Hello From Kenya! {update 2}

Hello From Kenya - Avenue 126

Okay WOW!! It’s been a whirlwind in Kenya since I last posted. Time goes so much faster here. We have just loved having our sweet team of friends & family here and we are sad to be sending them back to America today. 🙁 It has been so precious to me to have loads of […]

Hello From Kenya! {update 1}

Hello From Kenya - Avenue 126

WOW!! Joe and I just arrived in Kenya this week. It’s hard to really describe how at home and content it feels to be here. We arrived after a lovely 42 hours of travel and Joe and I literally dropped our luggage, hopped straight on a piki piki (motorbike) from our hotel, and headed directly […]

Celebrate Freedom

Celebrate Freedom - Avenue 126

Happy 4th of July, friends! Today we are celebrating with thankful hearts the freedom we have, not only in this beautiful country, but also in Christ Jesus. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to the service men and women who have so selflessly given their time, their hearts, and too often their lives […]

Megan: We Celebrate YOU!! { + a sweet gift idea for your girlfriends!}

Megan's Birthday Post Avenue 126

As you might remember, Megan turned 25 last week! As a way to celebrate all that she means to so many people, I sent out blank (adorable) birthday cards {with a stamped envelope addressed back to me to make it super simple!} to some of the dearest people in her life and asked them to write her a note […]