Crock Pot Game Day Chili (ONLY FIVE INGREDIENTS!!!)

Avenue 126 Gameday Chili -

Okay, so quite obviously we are just loving the fall! From the crisp fall temperatures, bonfires, football, and pumpkin everything we are just so happy!! Today, we wanted to share our go-to fall lunch/dinner that is perfect (and soooooo easy) if you’re having a crowd over for an evening bonfire or an afternoon football game. […]

Fall Breakfast Smoothie

Avenue 126 Fall smoothie -

Ohhhh snap! Fall is so close we can practically smell all the pumpkin from here, and today we’re sharing a delicious, healthy, and quick breakfast smoothie for you to make! Whether you’re on the go or you have some me-time set aside, this will make for the perfect start to your day! Here’s what you’ll need: […]

A Beginner’s Guide to creating a Charcuterie Board

A Beginner's Guide to a Charcuterie Board -

You guys! Today we’re pretending to be super sophisticated with this adorable little charcuterie board but really it’s just a super easy and ridiculously delicious appetizer you can take to all your parties! We first decided we wanted to make our own board when Megan returned home from a trip to Chicago with some girls […]

Honey Peach Bruschetta with Goat Cheese + Thyme

Goat Cheese + Honey + Thyme + Peach Bruschetta - Avenue

You know what we think is fun? Making an appetizer before dinner. You know? Like how often do we actually prepare something for our families to enjoy before dinner is served!? At parties and formal dinners it’s common, so we think we should make it a commonality at home, too! Today we’re sharing an Avenue […]

Everyday Affairs

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.33.29 PM

Life lately has been full of lots of excitement! While Megan is in Kenya loving on the babies and making sure all of Waweza’s ducks are in a row, Melissa has been keeping busy here at home — hanging out with friends, working lots, and becoming an aunt to the world’s sweetest, most adorable little […]

The Perfect Picnic

Avenue 126's Perfect Picnic

What’s more perfect for a summertime date than a picnic!? (And who said you need a man to have a date!? Grab your besties and meet at the park for this one!) Whether in the middle of the afternoon or at that golden hour as the sun sets into the balmy pink sky, everybody loves […]

Strawberry Summer Salad

Avenue 126 Strawberry Summer Salad

HAPPY (just-about) SUMMER! Welcome to one of our most favorite seasons of the year! Summer to us means laying by Mel’s pool, reading good books, getting tan, hanging outside late at night, and laughing with friends. Summer for us also/especially means delicious, fresh food! (But let’s be honest, we can make every season about food. […]

Staple Series – Kitchen Edition + Bonus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Avenue 126 - Megan's Kitchen Aid

Coming at you today with our second round of our Staple Series! It’s our kitchen edition! For both of us, one of our main staples in the kitchen is our Kitchen Aid mixer. We both have one, we both love it, and we both use it all the time. This thing is a miracle worker. […]


Turkey & Avocado BLT

We have an awesomely easy lunch for you guys today. It’s so delicious, and so easy. Did we mention easy?  This little sandwich is a riff off your classic BLT. Like we wanted BLTs, but B, L, and T alone were not gonna cut it. So we added two of our favorite things – turkey […]

Tuesday Tip: Bakin’ Bacon

Crispy Oven Baken Bacon

Who loves bacon!? **raising our hands like we just don’t care.** Everybody loves bacon. Everybody. But nobody likes the greasy mess it leaves after making it, right? Or the smell that lingers in your house for what seems like years? Yeah, stank. Well, we have a (brilliantly easy) solution for you. Bacon in the oven, […]

Creamy Tortellini Soup

Creamy & Cozy Tortellini Soup Ingredients

It is heartbreakingly cold outside, people. But tis the season to have a warm, savory bowl of something yummy in hand. Did we mention warm? TIS. THE. SEASON. So we’re here to deliver. We have a warm, savory bowl of something yummy ready for you to make. We’re calling it Creamy Tortellini Soup. And you […]

One Skillet Dinner – Four Ingredient Tortellini Marinara

four ingredient tortellini marinara

You all know how much you love a good home-cooked meal, right? Right. So how much more do you love a home-cooked meal that comes together in only 10 minutes?! We’re talking 4 ingredients, 1 pot, 10 minutes and dinner is on the table. So here’s what you’ll need: ½ lb ground beef or turkey […]