March Madness Munchies!

Simple Party Foods : March Madness Edition Avenue 126

We’re big believers in the concept of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” around here, so instead of reinventing our March Madness party foods post, we’re just going to throw you back to last year’s March Madness food post! These 3 apps are the perfect little bites to take to your final four parties […]

Choco Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites

Choco Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites

You all know that we are fans of choco-dipped anything around here, i.e. Choco Dipped Pretzels, Choco Dipped Nillas, Choco Dipped Banana Chips, and Choco Dipped Bananas! If you haven’t made any of those recipes be sure to check them out ASAP. SO today we’re coming at you with a simple choco-dipped mid day snack! This has a bit […]

Monday Night Football recap + game day eats!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.46.00 AM

Last night our beloved Cincinnati Bengals took their first loss of the season to the Houston Texans (which is still breaking our hearts and confusing us all). Although it was a heartbreaker, the atmosphere of prime time football is unlike anything else. Initially when we planned to go to the game, we were expecting a […]

A Beginner’s Guide to creating a Charcuterie Board

A Beginner's Guide to a Charcuterie Board -

You guys! Today we’re pretending to be super sophisticated with this adorable little charcuterie board but really it’s just a super easy and ridiculously delicious appetizer you can take to all your parties! We first decided we wanted to make our own board when Megan returned home from a trip to Chicago with some girls […]

Honey Peach Bruschetta with Goat Cheese + Thyme

Goat Cheese + Honey + Thyme + Peach Bruschetta - Avenue

You know what we think is fun? Making an appetizer before dinner. You know? Like how often do we actually prepare something for our families to enjoy before dinner is served!? At parties and formal dinners it’s common, so we think we should make it a commonality at home, too! Today we’re sharing an Avenue […]

Red White + Fruit Pizzas

Patriotic Pizzas - 3 ingredient summer appetizer / dessert - Avenue 126

Fourth of July is right around the corner and we have the PERFECT little treat for you to take to your party! It’s a cute little spin-off of the old faithful fruit pizza that everybody loves. AND it’s red, white, and blue so it will obviously be a hit. Here’s what you’ll need: mini sugar […]

Shake, Rattle, + Roll Baby Shower {recap}

Shake Rattle and Roll Baby Shower - Avenue 126

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law and my soon-to-be niece or nephew! With the help of my amazingly, helpful-to-the-max mama, it went off without a hitch and I think it turned out pretty cute! When Chris + Em told us they were pregnant, I almost instantly started brainstorming shower ideas. Look, this […]

Mini S’Mores Bites

Mini No Bake S'Mores - Avenue 126

Last month when we were visiting Wisconsin, we stopped at Starbucks one morning and they had these fancy-dancy smore tarts in with their pastries. In that moment our little idea was born. We liked what Starbucks was going for with the tarts, but we thought people might like something a little smaller and a little […]

The Perfect Picnic

Avenue 126's Perfect Picnic

What’s more perfect for a summertime date than a picnic!? (And who said you need a man to have a date!? Grab your besties and meet at the park for this one!) Whether in the middle of the afternoon or at that golden hour as the sun sets into the balmy pink sky, everybody loves […]

Choco-dipped Bananas

Avenue 126 Chocolate dipped Bananas

Let us first begin today by thanking Gwen Stefani for teaching all of us how to spell Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. We know you’re singing it in your head. Ok, so speaking of Bananas, we are absolutely smitten over this super simple, super adorable “recipe” that we are sharing! For all of our Avenue126 faithful, you ladies […]

Simple Party Foods: March Madness Edition

Simple Party Foods : March Madness Edition Avenue 126

Okay girls, as some of you probably know, and many of you might not, MARCH MADNESS IS HERE!! For Mel, this is probably her most favorite time of the year — spring is coming and college basketball is at its peak. PURE. BLISS. For people like Meg, the best part about this time of year […]

Chocolate Dipped Nillas

Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Wafers

While we’re all for baking cookies from scratch, sometimes you just need to buy pre-made cookies. Are we right? And sometimes you don’t have time for all the shenanigans of scratch baking when you’ve got 400 other places to be and things to do. Enter, vanilla wafers. Who doesn’t like vanilla wafers? I mean they’re […]

Staple Series – Kitchen Edition + Bonus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Avenue 126 - Megan's Kitchen Aid

Coming at you today with our second round of our Staple Series! It’s our kitchen edition! For both of us, one of our main staples in the kitchen is our Kitchen Aid mixer. We both have one, we both love it, and we both use it all the time. This thing is a miracle worker. […]

3 Ingredient Choco-Sprinkled Pretzels

3 Ingredient Choco-Sprinkled Pretzels

Question. What’s better than a little salty and a little sweet all wrapped into one yummy (and adorable) treat?! It’s kind of  a trick question – because nothing at all is better. Nothing. And, honestly, what could be more classic-salty-and-sweet than some chocolate covered pretzels!? Again, a trick question. Nothing. For me (Mel), chocolate covered […]

#MMGLITTERBASH14 – Our Glittery, Glamour-y Christmas Party

#MMGLITTERBASH - Our glittery, glamour-y Christmas Party

If we had to rank a bunch of our favorite things, Christmas time and all that comes with it would, without a doubt, be at the tippy-top of the list. So when we started planning for the blog launch, we decided we simply HAD to have a Christmas party. What is more fun than making […]