Spring Desktop Download!


Hey all! We’re just checking in with a free spring photo today! We’re thinking of using it as a springy temporary desktop background, or printing it out and sprucing up a frame! To download, right click on the photo and ‘Save Image As’… That simple! Enjoy!  

House Reno Series {Volume 2!}

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.44.42 AM

Hey everyone! I’m checking in again today to share the progress of our house since the last House Reno post! If you missed the last post, catch up here! So here’s what we’ve been busy with: -Finished painting the trim, walls, radiator cover, and ceiling in the future baby’s room (cool your jets — if […]

Fixer-Upper: Shelf Edition


For the start of our new little “fixer-upper” series, we’re giving you simple tips to spruce up that shelf that always seems to have too much or not enough on it. We figured by starting with a blank shelf, our series can only get better from here! In our opinion, flowers are the easiest way to make […]

Happy Fall, Y’all! {FREE Downloadable Print!}

Happy Fall Y'all - Avenue 126

Fall is officially underway and we are smitten! To celebrate the season we adore so much, Mel hand lettered a cute little “Happy Fall, Y’all!” print for you to download and use for a fall decoration! You can get your own downloadable copy of the print here! Here’s to all the flannel, bonfires, pumpkin spice, and […]

Shake, Rattle, + Roll Baby Shower {recap}

Shake Rattle and Roll Baby Shower - Avenue 126

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law and my soon-to-be niece or nephew! With the help of my amazingly, helpful-to-the-max mama, it went off without a hitch and I think it turned out pretty cute! When Chris + Em told us they were pregnant, I almost instantly started brainstorming shower ideas. Look, this […]

DIY Glitter Spoons

Glitter makes everything better. Literally everything. Listen, ladies. This might be the easiest project you ever do. Ever. It took maybe 10 minutes and both of us were squealing like little schoolgirls as we pulled the tape off to reveal our final product. These are too much fun not to do! Grab your girlfriends and […]

DIY Wildflower Bouquet

DIY Wildflower Bouquet Avenue 126

Okay, so we are so ecstatic that we are stepping out of the snowy winter and headed right into SPPPPPPPPRINGGGGG! We wanted to celebrate the rising temperatures by putting together a little wildflower bouquet! Since the true wildflowers aren’t quite blooming just yet, we headed to Kroger and picked up what we thought best resembled wildflowers. We […]

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Canvas

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Canvas - Avenue 126

Okay, so this week is Valentine’s and we wanted to post a cute little craft that you can do in under 20 minutes — and you don’t have to be suuuuper artsy-fartsy to do it either! It’s a cute little something you can have in your house to remind you to celebrate love! Also, we’ve […]

DIY Color Blocked Gold Mugs

Ave 126 DIY color blocked mug

You’ve heard it said… All that glitters is not gold. Buzz. Kill. But we’re starting a new saying, it goes like this: A lot of stuff that glitters is gold. Amen. Hallelujah. (Maybe don’t ponder that statement too hard because we’re still trying to figure out if it makes sense…but we like how it sounds.) […]